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News & Updates

December 9th 2010:
Updated HiveDefrag to version 1.1. Fixed a small bug which could cause it to miss some registry hives, especially on non-English systems.

September 24th 2010:
Added a new program HiveDefrag which defragments your registry in a way that can have a real improvement on system performance.

April 13th 2010:
Minor bug fixes in ARP++, CD2ISO, and ZoomIn.

November 16th 2009:
Minor bug fix in ARP++. A very small number of programs were not appearing in the list (I've only found one program that was installed in such as way as to be missing from the list).

October 7th 2009:
Update to ARP++ to show programs installed exclusively for a single user. Few programs are installed in this way, but the previous version didn't show these programs.

September 16th 2009:
Many of the programs have been ported to 64-bit. A total of 13 programs have been ported in this first round.

September 15th 2009:
HiveLoader was updated to version 1.1. This minor update displays the drive-letter path of the registry hives instead of the device path. This makes the program easier to use.

September 14th 2009:
The Freezerware site has been down for about a month. My ISP was doing some work which took longer than expected. But we are back online now!

April 14th 2008:
ZoomIn was updated to version 2.0. Version 2.0 adds by far the single most requested feature - multiple monitor support! The source is also available. In addition to this major update, ARP++ was updated to version 1.4. New is a checkbox to display/hide Windows Updates in the list. This can make finding the application you're looking for easier.

March 18th 2008:
Minor bug fixes for ARP++, CD2ISO, Digitizer, DirSize, Mandelbrot, SysRun, and ZoomIn.

October 23rd 2007:
Added a new program called HiveLoader. With HiveLoader you can load, unload, and create registry hives. A powerful tool for people who know a lot about Windows registry hives.

June 20th 2007:
Fixed a bug in TreeCompare that caused it to stop scanning when it encountered a busy file.

October 23rd 2006:
Minor updates to ARP++ and CD2ISO to address Win9x bugs.

July 29th 2006:
Added the ability to minimize ZoomIn to the tray.

July 24th 2006:
Added not one but two new programs. CD2ISO is a simple CD/DVD to ISO ripper, and DirSize displays the size of the folders on your disk, making it easy to see where you are using most of your disk space.

July 19th 2006:
Most of the Windows programs have been updated to add support for XP themes. This support was long overdue.

March 17th 2006:
Most Windows programs have an added setup program (Windows Installer) available in the downloads section. This will make it easier for those who do not know how to handle a ZIP file. The ZIP versions are still available for download.

January 2nd 2006:
Added a new program called ARP++. With ARP++ you can remove programs installed on your computer that the Windows Add/Remove Programs will not allow you to - or even programs not visible in the Windows ARP.

November 7th 2005:
A minor bug fix in ZoomIn. It would not properly save and restore your auto-refresh settings.

October 18th 2005:
Added a new program Digitizer. This program converts images into colorized HTML files. Check it out, you will have fun playing with your images.

September 27th 2005:
Updated ZoomIn to version 1.2. There have been multiple requests for ZoomIn to persist settings such as grid and zoom. Added a new menu item "Save Settings on Exit" to do just that. The source is also available.

June 28th 2005:
Updated ZoomIn to version 1.1. Several people reported bugs on XP which were fixed, as well as a few other minor problems. The source is also available.

July 27th 2004:
Added a new program QuickPaste which extends the Windows clipboard making it easy to store multiple strings for "cut and paste" work.

May 14th 2004:
Posted SysRun version 1.1, added command line support to facilitate scripting.

December 20th 2003:
Added a new program Dropper to get the color of any pixel on the screen and convert it to commonly used formats like HTML and COLORREF.

September 17th 2003:
Boy, it's been a while since the last update. Added a new program SysRun. With SysRun you can run any program as SYSTEM.

October 19th 2002:
Made a minor update to Tee. Added an option to append to the file, not just overwrite.

May 22nd 2002:
Updated PasswordSpy to version 2.1. In version 2.1, the need for a separate DLL file has been eliminated. PasswordSpy now works as a single executable file. The source code for version 2.1 is also available.

April 15th 2002:
Added a new program ZoomIn. With ZoomIn you can magnify any area of your screen for closer inspection. The source code for ZoomIn is also available.

March 25th 2002:
It's been a while since there were any updates. Added a new program called ListShares. With ListShares you can view all the shares on any given machine in your LAN. The source code for ListShares is also available.

December 17th 2001:
Updated Briscola to version 1.3. Fixed a crash bug when the computer is playing in difficult mode.

October 30th 2001:
All programs have been tested to determine if they are Windows XP compliant or not. I'm pleased to say that almost every program is XP compliant. The most notable exception is Registry Wizard (a new version is coming soon). The "Requirements" section for every program has been updated to reflect Windows XP.

October 14th 2001:
Updated TreeCompare to version 1.5. Fixed a minor bug in the Unicode version of the save feature.

August 20th 2001:
Updated PasswordSpy to version 2.0. Now PasswordSpy works on all 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The previous release did not work on either Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The source code for version 2.0 is also available.

April 9th 2001:
Updated PasswordSpy to version 1.3. New to version 1.3 is on screen display of the password as you browse. The source code for version 1.3 is also available.

February 22nd 2001:
Made the source code of PasswordSpy available for download.

February 15th 2001:
Updated Briscola to version 1.2. This was to fix a bug in the program where the game speed setting didn't work, plus adds a new feature where you can control the color of the game table.

February 1st 2001:
A few web page modifications. Mostly minor cosmetic changes to improve the web sites cross browser compatibility.

January 15th 2001:
The Freezerware web site is launched. The goal is to provide free programs to any and all who want to download them.