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Last Updated: 12/9/'10
Description HiveDefrag is a powerful utility that defragments your registry which increases system performance. The registry can become fragmented in two different ways, 1) the files on disk can become fragmented and 2) the internal structure of the hives can become fragmented. SysInternals (a.k.a. Microsoft) tool PageDefrag only deals with the first form of fragmentation, whereas HiveDefrag deals with the second. As it turns out, defragmenting the registry files has little if any improvement on system performance, but defragmenting the registry hives does improve the system performance. The more the machine has been used since Windows was installed, the more fragmented the registry will be, the more improvement you will get from this program. To learn more read my blog post on this topic.

Use HiveDefrag requires a reboot, so before running the program close all other programs. Select which hives to defragment (typically all of them) and click "Defragment." The hives will be defragmented after which the computer will reboot. Optionally after reboot it will display the old and new registry hive sizes so you can see how much space was saved. The previous registry hives are backed up to a folder called "HiveDefrag Backup" in your Windows folder. After the reboot you can delete the backup hives if you wish.

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