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Version 1.3
Copyright © 2001 Brian Friesen

Last Updated: 3/17/'06
Description Briscola is a very famous Italian card game. Play against the computer in this one-on-one classic card game. Briscola includes game statistics as well as configurable game options. There is included help with the rules of Briscola, for those who have never played it before.

Use Playing Briscola is very easy. Begin by reading the help to learn the rules, or jump right in and learn as you go. After the game has begun, simply select your card by clicking on it with the mouse. As an alternative to using a mouse, you can enable "Keyboard Mode" in the options. While keyboard mode is enabled, just press 1, 2, or 3 to select your first, second, or third card respectively. For beginners Briscola has a "Learner Mode" which shows the computer's cards during play. To enable learner mode press Control+Shift+F8 at the same time. For more info on learner mode see the game help.

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