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Version 1.1
Copyright © 2001 Brian Friesen

Last Updated: 9/16/'09
Description QuickPaste is a simple program that extends the capability of the Windows clipboard. Anyone who has done a lot of "cut and paste" work has wished that it were possible to store multiple strings in the clipboard. QuickPaste simulates this behavior by allowing you to store up to nine strings that can be placed into the clipboard with a click of the mouse.

Use When you run QuickPaste it adds a new icon to the system tray. Double-clicking on this icon will display the QuickPaste program. Click the configure button to add up to nine strings. Once the strings have been set there are several ways to put a string into the clipboard. You can click on the appropriate button, or if you right-click on the system tray icon you can select the desired string. QuickPaste is a small program designed to take up very little screen space. The program has "always on top" as well as "snap to edge" functionality to make it easy to keep the program on the screen at the same time as the main program you are running.

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Download Self-installing version of QuickPaste (83K)
Zip version of QuickPaste (29K)
64-bit version

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