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Last Updated: 9/16/'09
Description ListShares is a simple application with admittedly limited appeal. ListShares provides a quick and easy way to view all the shares on the current or remote computer. ListShares is designed for and only works on a local area network (LAN), and does not work across the Internet. Of course the question is, why would anyone want/need to view information about all the shares on a given computer? Well first sharing files on a computer can be dangerous. Many LAN-based viruses spread themselves by "infecting" files accessible on shared folders. Thus knowing which folders are currently being shared is an important security measure to protecting a computer from viruses. It is true that Windows provides the ability to view all shares on a given machine, but this functionality is not easily accessible. Most users do not know how or where to access that information. So ListShares makes this task very simple. Also, ListShares allows you to view all shares on a remote system, something the built-in Windows method does not support. It should also be noted that ListShares lists all shares, including "hidden" shares.

Use When you first start ListShares it displays information about all the shares on the current computer. Click "Refresh" to update the information. To view all the shares on a remote computer, enter the computers name and press "Refresh." ListShares will connect to the remote machine and display the share information, including hidden shares.

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