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Version 2.2
Copyright © 2001 Brian Friesen

Last Updated: 9/16/'09
Description PasswordSpy is a program that will allow you to "see" the password that is behind the "****" edit boxes. This program is not a "password cracker." Instead PasswordSpy takes advantage of several advanced techniques in Windows that allow one program to copy the password from another. This program is not intended for mischievous purposes. PasswordSpy can copy the password from most Windows programs. Read this for a list of some programs that PasswordSpy doesn't work on and why.

Use To "see" a password in another program, start both PasswordSpy and the program with the password. Load the screen with the password field, then drag the magnifying glass icon from PasswordSpy over the password. If PasswordSpy is able to copy the password, it will be shown in PasswordSpy. If PasswordSpy is unable to copy the password, try increasing the Scan Level to "High." And if that still doesn't work, increase the Scan Level to "Full." For most purposes, a Scan Level of "Normal" is sufficient. Scanning on a higher level can result in "spurious" hits.

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