PasswordSpy Source Code
Version 2.2
Copyright © 2001 Brian Friesen

Last Updated: 7/19/'06
General Here you can download the source code to the program PasswordSpy. This program is not very complex, but it does demonstrate several advanced Windows techniques. PasswordSpy shows you how to "capture" all mouse events, search through the window handles on your system, plus draw in the client area of another window [of another process]. It also demonstrates how with a single line of code you can toggle a program between "always on top" and normal. By far the most interesting and advanced part of PasswordSpy is the windows hooks. In order to copy the password on Windows 2000 or later, a Windows hook must be set.

Compile In order to compile the PasswordSpy source code you must use Microsoft Visual C++ version 5 or later. Also, to compile the Unicode versions of PasswordSpy you must have selected the "Unicode" option when you installed Microsoft Visual C++.

Download PasswordSpy source code (28K)

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