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Last Updated: 9/16/'09
Description HiveLoader is a powerful system tool that allows you to load and unload registry hives as well as create new registry hives. If you do not know what a registry hive is then this program is not for you! Improper modification of your computer's registry could easily break your computer. If you know what a registry hive is but you are wondering why you would want to load a new registry hive, there are several good reasons to load another registry hive. First, not all registry hives are loaded into the active registry at startup, e.g. the "Default User" hive is not loaded. Second, you may have multiple copies of Windows installed on the same computer, this allows you to load registry hives from the inactive copy of Windows. Lastly, you can load registry hives from offline registry hives contained in virtual machines or disk images. HiveLoader allows you to load these hives, view and edit these hives, then unload them. All changes are committed to the hive as you make them, you cannot unload the hive and discard the changes you made.

Use To load a hive click "Load" and browse to the hive file, select the hive root under which to load the new hive (either HKLM or HKU), and enter the subkey name to load the hive as. Once a hive is loaded or created, edit the hive using Regedit. To unload a hive simply select the hive and click "Unload." To create a new hive click "Load" and enter the path to where the new hive file will get saved. This must be a new non-existent file. Enter the hive root and subkey name and click "Load." You will be prompted about creating a new hive.

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