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Last Updated: 9/16/'09
Description Mandelbrot is a program that allows you to view and zoom in and out of the mandelbrot set. The mandelbrot set is a mathematic representation of a subset of the complex plane. Put simply, the mandelbrot set is a picture generated by a math formula. It was discovered in the 1970s by Benoit Mandelbrot. The mandelbrot set itself is not a fractal, but it's boundary is a fractal.

Use Viewing the border of the mandelbrot set can be a very enjoying experience. Use the mouse to zoom in and out of the mandelbrot set. A left mouse click zooms in, a right click zooms out, and a click of the "wheel" (or middle mouse button for 3 button mice) will center the image. Use the options to configure the color of the set, the size, zoom rates, and more. The "Max Iterations" adjusts the math formula used to generate the set. The higher the number the more detail the mandelbrot set will have, but the longer it will take to generate. Once you have found a particularly interesting area of the set, save it as a bitmap picture or "bookmark" the spot to return there later. If you leave an area of the mandelbrot set without saving it, it may be nearly impossible to find it again.

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