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What is Freezerware?

So what exactly is Freezerware? Well Freezerware are programs written by me [Brian Friesen] for free distribution! The name "Freezerware" comes from two things. First, my Internet handle (or name for myself on the net) is Freezer. Second, free programs such as mine are commonly called Freeware. Put the two together and you get Freezerware.

My day job is as a computer programmer, but I also enjoy programming in my spare time. Many of the first programs I wrote were because I needed to use such a program myself. After I had built up a substantial library of programs I realized that others might find them useful and decided to give them away for free.

But why give them away for free? Well several reasons really. First I doubt there is that much of a demand for the types of programs I've written. Secondly, I feel the Internet should be free to all! The Internet is not this vast gold mine where you can register your dot-com and start raking in the bucks. I do feel that there are cases where you can make money on the Internet. If you own a real store you can offer a web page as another very convenient way of selling your merchandise. I also think you can run a successful business solely online such as eBay and Amazon. But these are the exception, not the norm. Can you imagine what the Internet would be like if people used it for freely transmitting ideas and creations? No longer would web pages be filled with banners ads, or require you to pay for their "services," cause let's face it their "services" usually suck.

Where do I get my ideas? Well many of the programs I write are not ground breaking applications. In fact, most of them someone else has written a similar program already. I will write my own version for several reasons. Often times the existing versions are shareware, thus legally you need to pay for the "privilege" of using their software. So I write my version to use for myself and give away for free. Secondly, I view it as a learning experience. I could use someone else's program, but it is always nice to do it yourself and know how it's done. And lastly, I feel I can do a better job. Why should I use someone else's idea of perfection when mine is different and I have the ability to create it?

I know what you're thinking, it's free software so it's going to be buggy. There is no such thing as "bug-free" software, that's just not possible. But that doesn't mean software has to be full of bugs. When companies like Ziff Davis rate freeware and shareware programs, the first and most important criteria is does the program run and do what it is suppose to. They have to do this because often times freeware is hideously buggy software. Well I try my hardest to ensure my programs are bug free. Before I became a computer programmer I worked as a software test engineer for 3 years. My job was to test other peoples programs and find any and all bugs. That background has given me a lot of experience which I use to test my own software. I fully test all my programs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. However, should you find a bug in my programs, please email me and I'll work to fix it.