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  Available Downloads
Filename Size Date Time Description
tlibdemo.exe 7 MB 6-16-04   Free 30-day trial of TLIB Version Control
disks       Disk images, for updates, or in case you have a scratched CD or bad diskette
auxil       auxiliary download page (more files)
tlibcopy.zip 43,815 bytes 11-15-02 1:02a Tlibcopy v1.02.   Use it to safely, easily, and quickly back-up or "synchronize" directories of TLIB libraries (and TLIB journal files). Tlibcopy is totally safe. It cannot destroy any of your data, no matter what you do with it, because (like TLIB) it only appends, never replaces, existing files. Version 1.01 added options for automatic directory creation, recursive subdirectory traversal, etc.. Version 1.02 fixed a minor bug.
tlibcopy100.zip 31,172 bytes 10-10-02 1:00a Tlibcopy v1.00.   A tool for safely copying TLIB Version Control library and journal files, or any other file which is only modified by appending. If both "source" and "target" file already exist, tlibcopy will copy the source file to the target only after first verifying that the target file is both shorter than the source file, and identical to the first part of the source file. Handy for "synchronizing" two sets of TLIB library files. Win32 only, but source code is included.
renlibs.zip 184,350 bytes 2-13-04 10:33p A tool to rename your TLIB library files after you change the LIBEXT configuration parameter
tlibds97.zip Removed     The TLIB Add-Ins for MS VC++ 5.0, VJ++, VInterDev ("Visual Developer Studio") and for Visual Basic 5.0 are now part of the TLIB 5.50u & later Combo Edition. Contact us if you need an update.
whohas.cmd 4788 bytes 12-01-95 2:23p OS/2 Rexx script for generating who-has-checked-out-what-from-TLIB reports
ntbug.txt 4998 bytes 04-09-95 1:42p Windows NT 3.5 has an awful bug!
watcom.txt 3337 bytes 08-26-96 5:03a How to hook TLIB Version Control into the Watcom C/C++ 10.5 IDE
testlock.zip 177,986 bytes 06-07-01 1:21a TESTLOCK 1.21, to test your network and OS's file-sharing and locking capabilities
ctl3dfix.zip 106,013 bytes 06-16-00 7:35a Fix the infamous CTL3D32.DLL wrong-version problem, for both NT and Win95. (Not needed for TLIB, though!)
dbf2csv.zip 459,543 bytes 12-03-16 08:22p dbf2csv.pl converts .DBF files to .CSV (comma-separated values) or .json (JavaScript Object Notation) text files. Supports most common xBase variants (but not dBase 7). Includes Perl source code, and 3 tiny Perl interpreters. New to v.5 (2004): it now handles Foxpro's 'I' (binary integer) and 'M' (memo) fields. New to v.6 (2004): it now translates nearly all PC850 accented characters (thanks to Jacky Bruno and David Marin). New to v.7 (2005): 'F' (and perhaps '+') fields now work. New to v.8 (2011): 'B' (Foxpro Double) fields are now handled, and with the -j option it creates .json output files instead of the default .csv output files. New to v.9 (2012): 'T' (Foxpro DateTime) fields are now handled. v.10 (2012) fixed detection of (unsupported) dBase 7 files. New to v.11 (2016) is the -e ("escape") option for specifying how special characters such as CR and LF are handled.
      "The only one capable of doing what I needed was a free utility called dbf2csv by Dave Burton." -1stopIT
(Quoted from a blog article entitled, "DBF to MySQL Conversion on Windows Hands-Free")
jour2snp.zip 5526 bytes 02-16-01 5:52a Build after-the-fact TLIB snapshot version labels, from the TLIB journal file. Very useful if you need to retrieve an old release of your product from TLIB, but you neglected to make a snapshot for that version.
      If you don't already have perl4.exe or perl4s.exe (probably in your TLIB installation directory), or another version of Perl, then please also download dbf2csv.zip.
jourjoin.zip 35,560 bytes 10-12-00 4:50a "Join" (combine) comment records in a TLIB Journal file (handy when importing into some databases)
tlibjou.zip 23,243 bytes 10-24-95 1:11a Import TLIB Journal file into MS Access 2.0, by Srinivas Pavani
crc16.zip 9266 bytes 12-10-88 4:33p Rob Duff's free, uncopyrighted 16-bit CRC generator program, with source.   (Thanks, Rob!)
rmoudemo.zip 12,181 bytes 03-22-01 1:23p Sample code which demonstrates how to add right mouse button support to Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 comboboxes, by using windows message hooks (a/k/a "subclassing"). TLIB for Windows uses this technique to let users edit MRU (Most Recently Used) lists.
jourfix.zip 312,621 bytes 07-02-02 8:30a A program to fix broken TLIB Journal files created by TLIB 5.53 prior to 5.53L.
fcomp102.zip 28,790 bytes 03-28-00 2:22p Quick file compare program. Good for for use in batch files, sets errorlevel according to compare result.
ctmap09d.zip 42,936 bytes 03-20-92 5:00a MS-DOS memory manager for 80286, 80386 & 80486 computers with Chips & Technologies 82C212 / 82C235 / 82C302 / 82C307 / 82C351 / 82C812 / 82C836 ("NEAT," "SCAT," "PEAK/DM" and "CHIPSet") DRAM controllers, circa 1992
XML_lex.zip 30,871 bytes 03-03-03 8:26a A simple XML/HTML lexer/tokenizer, to preprocess XML or HTML files for simplified handling in Perl scripts and other programs that like their input a line at a time.  Includes a sample Perl script that uses it.  Also useful for manually viewing/inspecting XML and HTML files.
      If you don't already have perl4.exe or perl4s.exe (probably in your TLIB installation directory), or another version of Perl, then please also download dbf2csv.zip.
boxchrs.zip 2374 bytes 01-23-06 9:15p A tiny Perl program which translates IBM PC line-drawing characters ("box characters") in a .txt file into their UTF-8 (Unicode) equivalents. (It optionally also adds the Microsoft-style UTF-8 prefix to the output file.)
      If you don't already have perl4.exe or perl4s.exe (probably in your TLIB installation directory), or another version of Perl, then please also download dbf2csv.zip.
showpart.zip 61,613 bytes 8-31-04 6:31p DOS program for displaying and editing hard disk drive partition tables.
getcurrenthwprofile.zip 19,378 bytes 09-07-05 4:43a GetCurrentHwProfile.exe is a program to get the name of the Windows current "Hardware Profile" into an environment variable. Source code is included.
ddr2sr.zip 74,491 bytes 09-13-06 9:37p Ddr2sr.zip v.5 is a suite of 14 data recovery tools, mostly for use with GNU ddrescue. One of the tools is ddr2sr.pl, which is a Perl script to read a ddrescue log file, and generate a DOS .bat file of SpinRite commands to try to recover the unrecovered areas of a failing hard disk drive, after ddrescue has already recovered the "easy parts."
dos4linux.zip 20,946 bytes 08-27-14 4:26a dos4linux.zip is a collection of small Linux script files which make Linux a bit "friendlier" for DOS/Windows users. Most of them just print helpful hints if you type a DOS/Windows command prompt command at a Linux shell prompt. For instance, if you type "copy" it displays this message:
  "Use the 'cp' command, or 'cp -p' to preserve date/time and attributes"
In a couple of cases (like "dir"), because of a name collision, the DOS command has "2" appended to it.
There are also a few example scripts showing how to do useful things in Linux, like one called "executables" to list the executable (program) files in the current folder.
To install these, I suggest that you first type "echo $PATH" to see the list of folders on your program search path, and then "cd" to the last folder in the list, and then "unzip dos4linux.zip" to extract the files into that folder.
See also http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/dosbatch.html#DOSUNIXEQUIV.
tlib_dropbox_fixer.zip 182,470 bytes 08-10-16 12:45a Dropbox burned me! It renamed several dozen current TLIB libraries with "conflicted copy" in the name (so, for example, TLIB library abc.pl____$ became "abc (OWNER-PC's conflicted copy 2016-08-02).pl____$"), and replaced them with old versions: shorter, and with older file dates, with no warning whatsoever.
To fix the mess, you need to compare the current version of each file with the "conflicted copy" version, and verify that the longer version is the same as the shorter version, except with additional data appended, and then make the longer version the current version. So that's what this little Perl program does.
scopy5p00n.zip 140,989 bytes 07-24-22 11:01a A Win32 version of the SCOPY (shared file copier) tool which is included with TLIB.

Last modified: 10-Aug-16 (version 90)
Copyright © 1997-2006, Burton Systems Software.

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