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System Requirements
  • Processors: Intel/AMD x86-architecture CPUs only
  • Operating Systems: Windows, MS-DOS/PC-DOS, OS/2 (and command-line TLIB also works, with some limitations, under Linux/WINE)
  • Windows versions supported: 3.1x, Win-95, Win-98, Win-ME, Win-NT 4.0, Win-2000, Win-XP, Win-OS/2
  • Memory used (Win32 Console Mode): 1.1 MB
  • Memory used (Win32 GUI): 9 MB
  • Memory required (MS-DOS): 640K
  • Networks supported: Any network with functional file sharing/locking
    (To test your network, download TESTLOCK.ZIP.)

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TLIB Version Control for Windows Combo Edition

TLIB combo edition is still just $225 !
It includes:
  • TLIB Version Control for Windows (16 and 32-bit GUI versions)
  • TLIB Visual Compare
  • Over 100 configurable parameters
  • TLIB Configuration Wizard
  • TLIB Add-Ins for Visual Basic 4.0-5.0-6.0 & MS Dev Studio 5.0
  • A Win32 console (command-line) version of TLIB (Intel-architecture CPUs only)
  • A protected-mode command-line version of TLIB for OS/2
  • A DOS-extended command-line version of TLIB
  • A tiny, real-mode DOS version of TLIB (runs on your 8088-based HP 200LX palmtop)
  • Unlimited Free Technical Support
Burton Systems Software
PO Box 4157
Cary, NC 27519-4157  USA
Tel: (919) 481-0149
Fax: (919) 481-3787

Info: tlibinfo@burtonsys.com
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TLIB Combo Edition, Latest Version

  Item   List Price
  TLIB combo edition
    additional user license
  TLIB combo edition, 5-user pack     $925.00
  TLIB combo edition, 10-user pack   $1800.00
  TLIB combo edition, 15-user pack   $2675.00
  TLIB combo edition, 20-user pack   $3550.00
  TLIB combo edition, 25-user pack   $4425.00

Upgrade Prices (Per User)
  Item   List Price
  Version upgrade, if purchase or last paid upgrade was within the last 12 months       FREE
  Version upgrade, to fix a bug, regardless of age       FREE
  Version upgrade, if purchased more than 12 months ago
Note: Owning any version of TLIB for Windows or TLIB Combo Edition qualifies you to get the upgrade for just $40/user.

Upgrade Prices From Discontinued Versions
  Item   List Price
  Upgrade from TLIB for OS/2+NT to TLIB combo edition     $80.00
  Upgrade from TLIB for DOS to TLIB combo edition   $120.00

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