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Why Version Control?

For over 10 years, TLIBTM Version Control has been one of the leading configuration management tools for the PC software development community. TLIB Version Control is distinguished by superb performance, extensive configurability, and powerful multilevel project support. Now, with the introduction of TLIB Version Control for Windows 5.53, Burton Systems Software brings new power, convenience, and ease of use to version control on the PC platform.

If you face challenges like these ...

  • The latest version introduced a bug and you need to retrieve an older, working version
  • A user has a problem with an earlier version and you must duplicate it
  • Changes made by one programmer are lost when the file is overwritten by another programmer working on the same file
  • Bug fixes that were made in the old release need to be migrated into the new release
  • Improvements to the standard version need to be added to customized versions. (This one can be a real nightmare!)
Then you need TLIBTM Version Control for Windows!


  Elegant Visual Compare   
  • Show the differences between two disk files or between two versions of a single file
  • Shows you what has changed within the lines, as well as identifying which lines have changed.
  • Instant, one-click compare between a New version and its predecessor during Update (check-in)
  Three Modes of Operation    
  • File-oriented ("normal") mode. Lets you use wild-cards and/or file-lists to specify files to be managed by TLIB.
  • Native project mode. Both 16-bit and 32-bit versions of TLIB let you "open" your compiler's or editor's native project file directly, avoiding the need to use wild-card specifications or file-lists. Just click the "Mode" button to switch between Native Project mode and normal (file-oriented) mode. Many compilers, editors, and other tools are supported, plus Web sites and plain file lists.
  • API mode. TLIB supports three Public APIs (and a fourth is coming). They are used by add-in modules and other products that interface to TLIB for Windows. Two APIs interface to the TLIB for Windows GUI. We also support a lower-level call-interface API directly to the TLIB DLL engine, bypassing the GUI front end.
For a more complete list, see Features.  

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