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  • VB Tech Journal
    "TLIB is the fastest and most flexible version-control system on the market."
  • Don Wycoff, Software Development Magazine
    "...makes PVCS look like it is standing still... I would absolutely, unreservedly recommend TLIB to any company with more than zero programmers."
  • Windows Tech Journal
    "The version-control system that I use - and recommend to one and all"
  • Microsoft Systems Journal
    "...noticably faster than the other packages... TLIB offers remarkable functionality... small, fast, and often surprisingly innovative."
  • Software Development Magazine
    "simple, yet powerful... [TLIB is] the People's Choice"
  • PC Techniques Magazine
    "...dependable, fast, and full-featured... Don't let the price fool you."
  • Datapro
    "In terms of both price and feature set, it offers the greatest version control value on the PC platform."


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