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  • 3-Dec-2002
    TLIB 5.54b is released.   See release.html for details.

  • 26-Dec-2001, 28-Feb-2002, 8-May-2002, 27-Jun-2002 & 4-Oct-2002
    TLIB 5.53i, 5.53j, 5.53k, 5.53L & 5.54a were released, respectively.   Improvements include better website-project support, visual compare enhancements, bug fixes, etc.. See release.html for details.

  • 9-Dec-2001
    This has nothing to do with TLIB, but as a service to our friends and customers Dave Burton has compiled some "virus avoidance advice" to help you avoid getting burned by Magistr, Klez, Nimba, Badtrans, Sircam, Goner, etc..   You can read it here: virus_advice.html (last updated 3-Oct-2002).

  • 29-Jun-2001
    TLIB 5.53c is released.   Fixes an installation problem which occurred when installing TLIB under Windows 2000 with a user ID in the "power user" group.

  • 11-Jun-2001
    An updated TESTLOCK.ZIP is available in our download area. (There is only one minor change: the Win32 executable has been fixed to not complain about "upper" file attibute bits, such as the "compressed" bit which can be set under NT and Windows 2000.)

  • 30-May-2001
    TLIB 5.53b is released.   Fixes a few minor bugs; see the Release Notes file, release.txt

  • 2-May-2001
    TLIB 5.53 is released!   New features include:   Improved support for sharing files between projects;   A new command to reclassify source file(s) from private to shared (or vice-versa);   A new scan-for-included-files option when opening Borland Delphi project files;   A new, extended wildcard syntax to tell TLIB to find not just a named C, C++, or Pascal source file, but also whatever include files it references;   The new tlmerge utility, which is a 32-bit version of our venerable DIFF3 merge tool;   Numerous GUI usability improvements, such as an enhanced version history list that is displayed when you double-click a file name, which lets you immediately select, extract, inspect, and compare old versions;   Better right mouse button support, including the ability to edit MRU (most recently used) drop-down lists by right-clicking in them;   Visual Compare improvements, such as the ability to drag the vertical divider right and left, to resize the two panes;   and many other improvements.
    • For more details, including a list of recent bug fixes, see the Release Notes file, release.txt.
    • For upgrade pricing, click here. Your upgrade is free* if you purchased TLIB Version Control Combo Edition less than one year ago.   (* A nominal shipping and handling fee will be charged if not shipped electronically.)

  • 14-Feb-2001
    TLIB 5.52 is released!   (This is version 5.52f; versions 5.52a-5.52e were beta versions.)   New features include a runlength-compressed & CRC-checked binary storage format; an an EOF-tolerant (ctrl-Z ignoring) ASCII storage format; automatic save & restore of column and window sizes in the 32-bit GUI; Visual Compare improvements, including customizable colors; jour2snp, a tool to build after-the-fact snapshots from the TLIB journal file; Migrate command improvements; display of current and project-level version numbers when listing versions; native project support for MicroEdge Visual SlickEdit project and workspace files, and more.

  • 21-Nov-2000
    TLIB 5.51i is released.

  • 27-Oct-2000
    TLIB 5.51h is released. It adds support for Inprise/Borland C++ Builder 5.0 *.bpr project files. Also adds support for Microsoft Developer Studio *.dsw Workspace Files, (which really just group multiple projects). Also made several other minor improvements.

  • 13-Oct-2000
    JourJoin, in our download area, is a little program to "join" (combine) the comment records in a TLIB journal file, so that there is only one comment field in the journal file for each U (Update) or N (New library) command.
        When you store a new version of a source file in a TLIB library, TLIB optionally records your action in a chronological Journal File, in CSV (comma-separated values) format. (This is useful for generating customized reports, as well as providing a chronological "audit trail" of version control activity.) You can configure what types of information you want recorded in the journal file, but most users let TLIB store the full version comments. When the version comments exceed one line, TLIB writes multiple records to the journal file, to record the additional comment lines.
        However, if you would prefer a journal file format in which all the comments are combined into one big field, in one record, you can use the JourJoin utility. This is useful when importing the TLIB journal file into some kinds of databases, such as recent versions of Microsoft Access.

  • 27-Aug-2000
    TLIB 5.51g is released.



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