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  • Easy Conversion
    Automated conversion from PVCS, SourceSafe, MS Delta, Sorcerer's Apprentice, and several versions of RCS (MKS, GNU, Unix).

  • Graphical User Interface
    Easy to use GUI interface with button bar, right-mouse functionality, editable MRUs, flexible file pick-list, subdirectory spanning, and tooltip/status-bar guidance; both 16-bit and 32-bit versions are included.

  • Visual Compare
    A very nice, color, side-by-side visual compare, fully integrated.

  • Supports All Languages & Files
    TLIB can manage source code for all programming languages, plus documentation, spreadsheets, CAD files, and more.

  • Third-Party Product Compatibility
    Specific support or integration with many popular software development tools, including Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0-6.0 & Visual Developer Studio 5.0/6.0 (C++ etc.), Watcom C/C++ 10.x-11.0, Borland/Inprise Delphi & C++ Builder, Symantec Visual Cafe, MultiEdit, Codewright, Visual SlickEdit, and Help Magician Pro.

  • Open Connectivity
    Three public APIs, for integrating TLIB with your application: a high-performance callable interface to the TLIB Windows DLL engine, and two different program interfaces to the TLIB for Windows GUI.

  • ISO 9001 Support
    "Promote" between project levels, for ISO 9001-style staged development on large projects.

  • Powerful File Search & Select
    Very flexible wild-card specifications, with six wild-card search modes (plus combinations), optional subdirectories spanning, nested file-lists, compiler/editor native project file parsing, Web site parsing/spidering, and more.

  • Speedy
    TLIB runs very, very fast. Microsoft Systems Journal said TLIB is "noticably faster than the other packages" that they tested (including PVCS and SourceSafe).

  • Command Line Interface
    Includes four different command-line versions of TLIB for various operating systems, including versions which support long filenames under OS/2 and Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, and an MS-DOS version with a tiny memory footprint. The Win32 console-mode version also runs under Linux's WINE Windows emulator (but it currently handles file names as case-preserving/insensitive instead of case-senstitive).

  • Mixed & Cross-Platform Capability
    A configuration parameter can be set to enforce "8.3" filenames in mixed operating environments, to ensure compatibility. Also, TLIB can automatically translate DOS/Windows, Unix, and Macintosh ASCII text files. Another configuration parameter controls which text format is generated by TLIB when extracting ("checking out") text files. (Of course, for binary files no translation is ever done.).

  • Easy Installation
    Easy to use Windows-based installation under Windows 3.1, Windows-95/98/ME, Win-OS/2, and Windows-NT/2000/XP. NetSetup tool simplfies installation on multiple workstations, and installing TLIB for multiple operating systems on the same machine is a cinch.

  • Complete Revision History
    Revision history documents changes, and central activity journal for "audit trail" of development activity, including revision comments, for entire project.

  • Keyword Support
    Very flexible, user-formatted, embedded-keyword support. Plus, TLIB reads the keywords, as well as writes them: its unique keyword-based version number verification warns if you store an obsolete version, even if you disable check-in/out locking or play tricky copy/rename games with your files.

  • N-Way Branching
    Unlimited N-way branching and named project-level support, for parallel development and semi-customer software. Branch/level-local locking option lets different teams work without interference. Whole-level or single-file Change Migration/merge simplfies migrating changes between different levels of code.

  • Whole-Level Change Migration
    Unique functionality allows merging of changes into customized variants of your software, or from bug-fix/release levels into development levels, etc.. If you have to manage many different versions of one program, this feature is absolutely indispensable... and (as far as we know) only TLIB has it.

  • Conflict Handling
    Can merge (reconcile) simultaneous changes, and flag conflicts, or undo intermediate revisions without losing later changes.

  • Unrivaled Configurability
    TLIB supports over 100 different configuration parameters, plus "if/endif," "include," expression evaluation, file tests, and environment variable references.

  • Configuration Wizard
    TLIB Configuration Wizard helps you configure TLIB to get you up and running in a hurry.

  • Single Library File per Source File
    A single library file stores all versions of the corresponding source file, with date/time, user id, and comments for each version.

  • Multiple Module Control
    Coordinated control of multiple modules: "fixed" snapshot version labels, and "floating" tracked versions for each named project level.

  • Open Architecture
    There are no secrets about TLIB's file formats or where your precious source code is stored, and no mysterious database to get corrupted.

  • Forward Delta Storage
    TLIB's unique append-in-place forward delta system provides higher reliability, recoverability, and performance than any reverse-delta product. TLIB supports full, automatic, adaptive, delta-based storage even of binary files, so only changes are stored from version to version.

  • Unlimited Technical Support
    Free tech support, by email, fax, and phone. TLIB Version Control is the sole product of a small company, so there's no wading through tedious phone menus and "tech support" people who have no idea what you are talking about.



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