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disks.html       Replacement disk images, in case you got a bad diskette removed     The TLIB Add-Ins for MS VC++ 5.0, VJ++, VInterDev ("Visual Developer Studio") and for Visual Basic 5.0 are now part of the TLIB 5.50u & later Combo Edition. Contact us if you need an update.
whohas.cmd 4788 bytes 12-01-95 2:23p OS/2 Rexx script for generating who-has-checked-out-what-from-TLIB reports
ntbug.txt 4998 bytes 04-09-95 1:42p NT 3.5 has an awful bug!
watcom.txt 3337 bytes 08-26-96 5:03a How to hook TLIB Version Control into the Watcom C/C++ 10.5 IDE 177986 bytes 06-07-01 1:21a TESTLOCK 1.21, to test your network and OS's file-sharing and locking capabilities 106013 bytes 06-16-00 7:35a Fix the infamous CTL3D32.DLL wrong-version problem, for both NT and Win95. (Not needed for TLIB, though!) 440788 bytes 12-12-00 8:46p Convert .DBF files to .CSV text (comma-separated values). Includes Perl source code, and 3 tiny Perl4 interpreters (for DOS, Win 3.1x, and Win32). 5526 bytes 02-16-01 5:52a Build after-the-fact TLIB snapshot version labels, from the TLIB journal file. Very useful if you need to retrieve an old release of your product from TLIB, but you neglected to make a snapshot for that version.
      If you don't already have perl4.exe, perl4s.exe, or perl4w32.exe (probably in your TLIB installation directory), or another version of Perl, then please also download 35560 bytes 10-12-00 4:50a "Join" (combine) comment records in a TLIB Journal file (handy when importing into some databases) 26601 bytes 02-22-97 5:04a TLIB Add-In for Visual Basic 4.0 (32-bit only) 23243 bytes 10-24-95 1:11a Import TLIB Journal file into MS Access 2.0, by Srinivas Pavani 9266 bytes 12-10-88 4:33p Rob Duff's free, uncopyrighted 16-bit CRC generator program, with source.   (Thanks, Rob!) 12181 bytes 03-22-01 1:23p Sample code which demonstrates how to add right mouse button support to Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 comboboxes, by using windows message hooks (a/k/a "subclassing"). TLIB for Windows uses this technique to let users edit MRU (Most Recently Used) lists.
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