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Unrelated Stuff (Dave Burton's non-version control pages)
This is Dave Burton's personal stuff. Click here to return to the main site.



  redist.html - Gerrymander-proof redistricting how-to, w/ model legislation
  omeprazole (generic Prilosec)
  For ailing Japan, longevity begins to take its toll -The Wall Street Journal - Tuesday, February 11, 2003
  lbp4.html - memory expansion board installation & replacement for the Canon LBP-4 printer
  safire.txt - William Safire's Rules for Writers (etc.)
  tlib_doc.html - download tlib_doc.pdf
  David Burton, Software Developers Want Changes in Patent and Copyright Law, 2 MICH.TELECOMM.TECH.L.REV. 87 (1996)
  A Republican candidate site: Jack Alphin (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  A Republican candidate site: John Odom (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  A Republican candidate site: Vinnie DeBenedetto (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  A Republican candidate site: Ron Margiotta (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  A Republican candidate site: Mike Regan (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  A Republican candidate site: Traci Griggs (courtesy of Bill Bryson)
  Bad Abit BP6 motherboard capacitors
  U of Alabama 'Crimson White' article: "'Outlaw Roy Moore should be removed from office"
    msg 25, by DAB, in discussion of the article
    msg 41, by DAB, in discussion of the article
    msg 50, by DAB, in discussion of the article
  http://www.triangletexasexes.org Triangle Texas Exes
  http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?p=1609#post1609 Moby solder sucker  (also http://www.badcaps.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27&start=17)
  Moore County, North Carolina Republican News & Views (formerly www.mooregop.org)
  Mass Deception About Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq - WMDs, the rest of the story
  Todd Batchelor's web site. Todd is a candidate for Congress
  David Robinson's web site. David is a candidate for the NC House
  Nelson Dollar's web site. Nelson is a candidate for the NC House, District 36
  State Rep. John Blust's web site. Blust is the NC General Assembly's Republican Joint Caucus leader
  Sock sorters  (cheapest: www.sock-locks.com or sock-sorters)
  Old communications programs from Tom Salzmann's Salzoboard BBS
  Geeks Alive! Computer Rescue (Cary-based PC problem solvers)
  Handspring Treo Technical Reference Guide (no longer available from Handspring or Palm)
  Iraqi Election Prayer Vigil sign-up
    Iraqi Election Prayer Vigil sign-up
  140-byte file ending in a zero-byte, for testing archive.org
  www.hnionline.com - Hammesfahr Neurological Institute (formerly Florida Neurological Institute / www.floridaneurologicalinstitute.com), William Hammesfahr, M.D
  Rules of the NC Republican Party's 4th Congressional District conventions (2002, 2004, and 2005)
  www.crgtechserv.com - CRG Technical Services / Kent Comfort / Kansas City, MO
  www.inntender.com - Inn Tender / Kent Comfort
  www.wolfeservices.net - Wolfe Services / John Stephen (Steve) Wolfe
  Jack's Welding, Apex, NC
  Ed Stoffel's documents about Terri Schiavo, from zimp.org
  CDR Identifier by Frank Wolfe, formerly of g&m IT-Beratung und Entwicklung
  Treo 300 fixes (how to repair a broken hinge or speaker wire in a Treo 300 or Treo 270)
  Bill Buck's "Relationships 101" page
  more of Bill Buck's stuff
  "A Study of S Sagittae" (University of Michigan PhD dissertation of John A. Aldrich, circa 1923)
  Terri Schiavo (Dave's 3/27/2005 essay)
  Static v. Dynamic Loading: Why the WTC Towers Fell So Fast
  Christian Action League of NC: Statement regarding Mr. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, KS.
  NC GOP Sub-quorum proposal
  Jerome Corsi is a liar!
  Parent and student site in support of embattled Wake Co., NC high school teacher Robert Escamilla
  Barack Hussein Obama: why one Christian can't support him
  Free wallpaper with rulers, mostly from Arie Kahn's defunct guiportal.com web site (updated Rulers.zip)
  "Dave's Picks" election info
  Gerber Woodworks"
  Life Conference, Uniting Together for the Cause of Life, March 7, 2009
  IndyWeek: Paper mommies and friendly lawsuits -- uncensored
  http://www.trustypedia.org/ - a TRUSTY user-edited encyclopedia (someday)
  http://www.trustipedia.org/ - what do you suppose this is?
  My report on Rep. David Price's 8/13/2009 "snap" town hall meeting
  Palliative Sedation, by Edward B. Yellig, MD, Medical Director of Hospice of Wake County, NC - Dr. Yellig describes how he bumped off a patient.
  The fruits of gov't-run health care: Prostate cancer death rates in the UK are about 1.9 times higher than in the USA (just like breast cancer).
  ClimateGate! Hadley U. East Anglia CRU emails & data leaked: politics trumps science among climate change researchers!
  How to calculate composite (combined) standard deviations
  Why the USS SCORPION (SSN-589) Was Lost on 22 May 1968 - Evaluation of Data and Artifacts
  reset_subinacl.html -- Reset Windows registry ACLs
  Deadly Misinformation From ABC News
  How to embed .FLV videos on a web page (3 ways)
  George Zimmerman's police call transcript
  Letter to the editor, "Data show sea levels won't rise dramatically,", Raleigh News and Observer, Sat, Mar 03, 2012
  David A. Burton comment on Shepard, et al: Supplemental illustrations, code & data J. Natural Hazards DOI: 10.1007/s11069-012-0159-8
  Chile: Allende vs. Pinochet, who was worst? (An answer to a question on quora.com)
  A Brief History of Money, by Dave Burton
  Free printable "Chopin Liszt" shopping lists, 3-up (8.5"x11") in .doc (Microsoft Word), .pdf (Adobe) & .odt (OpenOffice) formats.
  Open letter to Rev. Steven Andrew, of USA Christian Ministries
  SeaLevel Info - sea-level resources from Dave Burton
  backup of Brian Friesen's Freezerware tools for Windows
  various proposed NC GOP Resoutions and Plan of Organization amendments (Honesty Resolution, Sub-Quorum Rule, ExecComm ListServ, etc.)
  North Carolina Constitution (better formatted than the copy at www.ncga.state.nc.us/legislation/constitution/ncconstitution.html)
  Bill Clinton's Real Draft Record (He got deferments for both the Naval Reserves and the Army ROTC, yet never reported for either; he was sent two induction notices, but never reported for either.)
  Ebola - the real threat
  Gardasil v. Gardasil 9
  America's King Sports and Queen Entertainment cause citizens lethargy, by Bill Randall
  Best LM555 Timer IC diagram, ver 1 (modified from one by Fairchild)
  Best LM555 Timer IC diagram, ver 2 (modified from one by Fairchild)
  Best LM555 Timer IC diagram, ver 3 (modified from one by Fairchild)
  LM555 / NE55 timer information & diagrams
  Prime Ark Freedom - University of Arkansas releases thornless primocane blackberry
  Churches that are seeking to leave or have left the PCUSA for another Reformed body
  Russell Blaylock's questionable resume
  The Death Penalty: Analyzing the deterrent effect of capital punishment in the United States, a systems perspective, David Burton, Wed, Jun 10, 2015
  A few companies which conservatives should boycott.
  Water Alarm - my adaptation of Tony van Roon's fluid-level sensor
  Table. Adjusted vaccine effectiveness estimates for influenza seasons from 2005-2015
  Before there was TheOnion (and a thousand imitators), there was Avocado's Number.
  User Manual for the iClever Foldable Bluetooth Ultra-slim Mini Wireless Keyboard 132-86001-60 (model IC-BK03) (SKU: B00YWLJNPQ)
  Timeline - Ted Cruz and CNN vs. Ben Carson in Iowa, 2/1/2016
  Voter fraud and voter ID in North Carolina
  ReakoSound RK-7157G (7-MP5-6802A) info, including user manual (scanned), photos, & modification instructions for adding an external microphone jack
  Grand Fenwick economic plan (two scenarios)
  "Temperature cutoffs (Thermal-links) for coffeemakers" (saved from http://www.intercontrol.de/00_img/pdf/article_TH100_en.pdf)
  Jewels, Moles & Avocados (was Re: How much is a joule) 1995/04/19 (sci.electronics newsgroup)
  The true facts about President Reagan's budget deficits
  User manuals for MPOW's HC5 and HC5 Pro bluetooth headsets