Open letter to
Rev. Steven Andrew, of USA Christian Ministries

June 2012

Dear Rev. Andrew,

I'm disappointed that you have not responded to my previous message, about your endorsement of Ron Paul, and I'm disappointed that you blocked/censored my comment about that endorsement.

Ron Paul is a nutcase, and some of his friends & supporters (like Lew Rockwell & Alex Jones) are even crazier.

Ron Paul respects the Constitution only when it is convenient. When it is inconvenient, he just lies about it.

For example, both Obama liberals and Ron Paul horribly misrepresent the meaning of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Liberals like Obama stretch the Interstate Commerce Clause to cover a huge array of things that aren't interstate commerce, and don't even have anything to do with interstate commerce.

Ron Paul pretends that that the Interstate Commerce Clause doesn't even cover interstate commerce! You've probably read that Ron Paul recently voted against outlawing sex-selection abortions. But did you know that he claims that the federal government is without authority to restrict or regulate transporting of underage girls across state lines to procure out-of-state abortions without their parents' knowledge? That's obviously interstate commerce, so there's no question that the federal government has authority to outlaw it. Yet Ron Paul has repeatedly joined Democrats in defending that appalling practice from federal interference. Google “CIANA” for details, or see these sites:

Another example is that Both Obama liberals and Ron Paul are unfaithful to the Founders' vision of the role of the federal government in interacting with other nations, too.

Liberals want to subordinate U.S. sovereignty to the U.N., International Courts, etc.

Ron Paul pretends that the federal government has no constitutional authority to spend money overseas, even though George Washington's administration spent 1/6-th of its budget on direct payments to foreign governments. That's Ron Paul's flimsy excuse for opposing PEPFAR, despite the millions(!!) of lives it saves, and the huge boost it gives to American prestige in the world.

Both Obama liberals and Ron Paul just ignore the parts of the Constitution that they find inconvenient, and pretend they don't exist.

Example #3: Liberals pretend that the 2nd and 10th Amendments don't exist. Ron Paul doesn't make that mistake, but, instead, he pretends that Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 10 doesn't exist, so that he can claim that the federal government lacks the authority to interfere with genocide!

You think I'm kidding? I wish I were. He even opposes sending food aid to starving genocide victims. Listen to him yourself:
(be sure to listen all the way to the end, to hear the serious candidates' excellent rebuttals.)

Ron Paul doesn't just lie about the Constitution, either. He lies about his opponents, and about other things, too.

For instance, he lies about his own newsletters!

In 1995 Ron Paul told CSPAN that “I put out” the newsletters, which had titles like “The Ron Paul Investment Letter,” “The Ron Paul Political Report,” “The Ron Paul Survival Report,” “The Ron Paul Strategy Guide,” and “The Ron Paul Political Report: Special Issue on Racial Terrorism.” Among many other outrageous things, his newsletters accused MLK Jr. of seducing underage girls & boys, and cheered for David Duke (the former KKK Grand Wizard), likening him to John Wayne.

In 1996, Ron Paul defended the newsletters to the Dallas Morning News, and specifically defended calling “95%” of black men in Washington, DC “semi-criminal or entirely criminal.” He told the Dallas Morning News that his words were taken out of context (which they weren't).

But now he says he didn't write the newsletters which bore his name, and doesn't know who wrote them, and didn't even know what was in them. However, his own secretary says he proofread them. When you lie as much as Ron Paul does, it's hard to keep your story straight. Nevertheless, there are still some gullible people who actually believe him, anyhow. See:

His racist newsletters were no aberration, either. He published them for years, marketing them to white supremacists and survivalists.

Pandering to creepy nutcases is a consistent habit for Ron Paul. Now he panders to 9-11 “Truthers” like his friend, Lew Rockwell, and Alex Jones. They're fervent Ron Paul supporters, and Ron Paul is a frequent guest on Alex Jones' radio show.

Here Alex Jones talks about American conservatives:

Can you imagine Santorum or Gingrich or Romney being a regular guest on that guy's show?

Obama finally disassociated himself from Jeremiah Wright. When is Ron Paul going to disassociate himself from Alex Jones?

Please withdraw your endorsement of Ron Paul!

Your brother in Christ,

Dave Burton
N C Dave 4 Life at Gmail dot com