Year 2000 Compliance Statement
TLIB Version Control

All TLIB versions 5.01b (circa 17-Nov-93) and later are Y2K compliant.

TLIB versions 5.01a (circa 9-Nov-93) and earlier contain a Y2K bug in the decoding of date/time-stamps with 2-digit years.

Also, there is a Y2K interaction problem between TLIB versions prior to 5.51d (circa 15-Jan-2000) and Opus Make. This problem will only affect customers who use both TLIB Version Control and Opus Make, and who also utilize Opus Make's capability of reading date-time/stamps within TLIB library files. Customers who use TLIB's "EBF" command in an Opus Make "~BEFORE" rule (which is a more efficient approach) will not encounter this problem.

TLIB uses a DD-Mmm-YY or DD-Mmm-YYYY format for dates. For example, Christmas 1999 can be specified as 25-Dec-99 or 25-Dec-1999. Both formats are equivalent to TLIB, until the year 2080.

When storing dates prior to 1-Jan-2000, TLIB stores only a 2-digit year, but it will accept either a 2-digit or 4-digit year for input.

Beginning with 1-Jan-2000, some dates are stored with a 4-digit year by TLIB, but TLIB will still accept either a 2-digit or 4-digit year in any context. For example, Christmas 2000 will be 25-Dec-00 or 25-Dec-2000. Both formats are equivalent to TLIB through 31-Dec-2079.

By the way, TLIB comes with a little program called FDATE which you can use to set the dates of files -- handy for testing for Y2K bugs.

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