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Editor Vendors
   American Cybernetics
Home of the MultiEdit Programmers' Editor

Home of the CodeWright programmers' editor

Home of the SlickEdit and Visual SlickEdit programmers' editors

   Soft As It Gets
Home of the ED editors

Foreign Resellers
   Computer Transition Systems
Software Reseller in Australia

   Lemax Company BV
Software Reseller in The Netherlands

Software Reseller in Australia

   Noble Systems Pty Ltd
Software Reseller in Australia

   SciTech International
Software Reseller

   Software Spectrum
Software Reseller

   ZAC Catalog
ZAC Catalog

Our Leading Competitors
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Intersolv/Merant PVCS
Mortice Kern Source Integrity (formerly MKS RCS) or
Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or
Rational/Atria Clearcase

Other Tools Vendors
   Allen Marketing Group
Home of GuestTrack, Web Site Profile and Tracking Software

   Blink Inc.
Home of the Blinker linker and DOS extender

   Eagle Research
VB2D VB-to-Delphi Translator

   Genitor Corporation
Home of the Genitor Object Construction Suite for Programming Workgroups

   Great Lakes Business Solutions
Home of Wise Install

   Lahey Computer Systems
Makers of Lahey Fortran

   Opus Software
Makers of Opus MAKE, the best MAKE utility on the market

Home of Partition Magic

   Software Interphase
Home of Help Magician Pro

   Blue Sky Software
Home of RoboHELP

   Stiller Research
Home of Integrity Master anti-virus / data integrity

   Thompson Automation
Home of Thompson AWK Compiler and Thompson Toolkit

Home of Track Record, bug tracker; former home of the Brief Editor

   V Communications
Home of System Commander

Makers of Watcom C/C++
Miscellaneous Links
Internet Web Space Provider to Burton Systems Software

   Alex Lobba's Team Development Web Pages
Source Control Management (SCM) info and product reviews

   W. Mike Hare Home Page
Home page to one of the TLIB Version Control for Windows developers.

   Newton's On-Line
Home page of Web Design by Paul Newton (one of the creators of these Web pages)

   VPN - Virtual Private Networking - How to use the Internet as your Wide Area Network backbone
Caveat: we've not tried this!

Unsubmitted Linux "mini-HOWTO" for using MARS and NCPFS together (Netware IPX protocol support), draft #4
See also: Linux IPX-HOWTO

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