TLIB Version Control Receives Critical Acclaim!

"TLIB is the fastest and most flexible version-control system on the market."
-VB Tech Journal
January 1997, p. 20

"makes PVCS look like it is standing still... I would absolutely, unreservedly recommend TLIB to any company with more than zero programmers."
-Don Wycoff, quoted from Software Development Magazine

"The version-control system that I use - and recommend to one and all"
-Windows Tech Journal

"noticably faster than the other packages... TLIB offers remarkable functionality... small, fast, and often surprisingly innovative."
-Microsoft Systems Journal

"simple, yet powerful... [TLIB is] the People's Choice"
-Software Development Magazine

"dependable, fast, and full-featured... Don't let the price fool you."
-PC Techniques Magazine

"In terms of both price and feature set, it offers the greatest version control value on the PC platform."


In case you are converting from another product, we also have automated conversion tools to convert your VCS archives to TLIB Version Control from PVCS, SourceSafe, Sorcerer's Apprentice, MS Delta, or any of several variants of RCS.

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