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The TLIB for Windows built-in visual compare can be used to show the differences between two disk files or between two versions of a single file. It is also available at the click of a button while you enter the comments for a new version, during an Update (check-in), to show the differences between the new version and its predecessor. This feature is available regardless of whether you are running TLIB for Windows directly or via a TLIB Version Control for Windows Add-In. Unlike most compare programs, TLIB shows you what has changed within the lines, as well as identifying which lines have changed.

[TLIB Version Control for Windows Visual Compare] D

In the example shown above, you can see that old line 20 has been deleted, and old line 21 (new line 20) has been commented-out. Also, the two "AddEntry" statements have been changed, and the indentation of the "If" blocks has been corrected.

Note also that lines 16-19 are unchanged, but are nevertheless shown as "context." The amount of context shown (as well as various other options) can be adjusted by clicking on the Options button.

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