Disk images (disks 2-6 of TLIB 5.54k combo edition, circa 19-May-2004)

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Filename Size Description
you should already have disk one! ~1 MB Disk 1 of 6
TL96N2D.ZIP 1.4 MB Disk 2 of 6
TL96N3D.ZIP 1.4 MB Disk 3 of 6
TL96N4D.ZIP 1.4 MB Disk 4 of 6
TL96N5D.ZIP 1.4 MB Disk 5 of 6
TL96N6D.ZIP 1.3 MB Disk 6 of 6
more files... (auxiliary download page)

These five .zip files contain SETUP.W02-SETUP.W06, which are 5 of the 6 files that ship on the TLIB Version Control CD (or on the 2nd-6th TLIB Version Control distribution diskettes).

(TLIB Version Control normally ships on one CD, but it is available on six diskettes by special request. The SETUP files are the same.)

Before attempting to run SETUP.EXE, please double-check to be sure that all six SETUP.* files have the same date. If your SETUP.EXE (disk 1) is older (or newer) than SETUP.W02-SETUP.W06 (disks 2-6), the install will not work, so contact support to get an updated SETUP.EXE (disk 1), or click on "more files" and look for disk images that match the file date of your SETUP.EXE.

Replacement disk images for older versions of TLIB can be found here.

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