Voter fraud and voter ID

Statistical proof of over 750 cases of voter fraud in the 2012 NC General Election

by David A. Burton
3 August, 2016  (revised 18 Sept. 2016 & 26 Nov. 2018)
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Note: The only types of voter fraud examined in this analysis are cases of ballots being cast on behalf of the same person in two different States, in the same election: either through impersonation, or by the same person voting more than once.

NC 2012 Interstate Crosscheck election fraud Monte Carlo (statistical) simulator

25 million elections were simulated, to determine the likelihood of varying numbers of coincidental name+DOB+Last4SSN matches. Here is the source code, usage instructions, sample output, and discussion:

A Critique of Barr, Cogggeshall & Zhao (2011)

In 2011, Joseph R. Barr, Stephen Coggeshall and Wenzhong Zhao of ID Analytics, Inc. produced a “White Paper entitled, The Trouble With Names, in which they calcuated that as many as 8.3% of Americans might coincidentally match other Americans with the same name and date of birth. But there are problems, both with their analysis, and with its application to voter identification:
1. 11 July, 2016 Email from Dave Burton, about problems with The Trouble With Names, by Barr, Cogggeshall & Zhao


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Here's a blog comment based on this analysis:


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