Treo 300 fixes

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photo of Treo 300 flip-lid innards, with repaired speaker wire and hinge   photo of Treo 300 with flip-lid closed, showing stainless steel & Gorilla Glue repair/reinforcement
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The left photo shows my first Treo 300 fix. The problem was that the thin horizontal edge of the flip-lid cracked and then broke vertically at the corner near the antenna (with the result that the flip-lid would come loose from the main body of the Treo). I used Gorilla Glue to glue it back together, and used more Gorilla Glue to afix a thin horizontal strip of stainless steel for reinforcement.

I also added several layers of Gorilla Glue to each end of the stainless steel strip, to better hold it in place, and to strengthen the joint between the rounded hinge protrusion and the rest of the flip lid.

It held for many months, and never broke again. But in this photo the glue has been dremelled off of the right-hand end of the stainless steel strip, so that I could pry the strip loose at that end and re-break the lid, because I needed to get the lid off to rethread the repaired speaker wire seen in the right-hand photo.

The right-hand photo shows the second and third repairs that I made to my Treo 300. The second repair was also to the right-hand hinge, when it broke the second time. That time it broke horizontally, along the edge, again near the corner of the lid nearest the antenna. So I glued it with Gorilla Glue, and then reinforced it with a hot sewing needle, as described here:
Then I added a bit more Gorilla Glue for additional reinforcement.

For awhile after that, all was well: my Treo probably had the most rugged lid on the planet, and it looked ugly, but it worked fine.

Then the speaker wire failed. The first symptom was that the phone wouldn't ring anymore, it would only vibrate. Then the speaker wouln't come on until the lid had been open for a few seconds... the person on the other end would hear me saying, "hello? hello?" but I couldn't hear them at first. Then it got so bad I couldn't use the phone at all without the earbud.

To fix that, I dremelled away the gorilla glue and re-broke the lid's horizontal strip where I'd done my first Treo repair, then I pried the inner plastic trim from the lid to expose the wires, then I opened up the main Treo body, unplugged the speaker wire, and removed the lid entirely. Then I cut, spliced and soldered the speaker wire, so that a section of it that hadn't been flexing before would run though the hinge. I used wirewrap wire for the part that runs up the side of the lid, since that part never flexes. (The photo shows four of the six splices; the other two are inside the body of the Treo.) Then I reassembled it all, glued the inner plastic trim back in place (with Gorilla Glue, of course), and the speaker now works fine, once again.

by Dave Burton


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