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From: <various>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 22:11:23 -0400
Subject: Fwd: URGENT! - David Price in Durham - Thursday 8/13 at 6:45pm
        (but if you don't come much earlier than that you won't get in)

Spread the word!!!!

Please note parking instructions below carefully. BUT PLEASE DO NOT allow these instructions to DETER you from attending and speaking out! You may want to carpool with others.
Representative David Price will appear at a town hall in Durham tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 13 at 6:45pm. (Doors open at 5:45pm)
Fourth District Congressman David Price will hold a town hall meeting Thursday at the Miller-Morgan Building B.N.Duke Auditorium on the North Carolina Central University Campus in Durham.
Statewide Event
8/13/09 6:45 PM
North Central Health Care Town Hall
NCCU Miller-Morgan Building B.N.Duke Auditorium
528 Nelson St 1801 (not 1851) Fayetteville St   (note that Fayetteville St is not the same as Fayetteville Rd!)
Durham, NC
Address link here:
NCCU Information (please read all of below)
Update: I just called the NCCU campus police at 919.530.5023 and they told me that visitor parking permits are free, but you must go to the campus police department to get them; that address is
2010 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27707. She also said that she thought the Price townhall meeting was being moved to the B. N. Duke Auditorium, though she doesn't think it will be big enough to hold the expected crowed, either.
B.N.Duke Auditorium is at 1801 Fayetteville St, on the corner of Fayetteville St & Lawson St; here is a photo of it, and here are directions to it.
She's right. I've read that "the largest auditorium on the [NCSU] campus [has] a seating capacity of 1626." As of a few minutes ago 2050 people had signed up at Obama's "Organizing America" web site to attend this event. So come early, or you won't get in!
Visitor Information
Visitors are individuals not enrolled or employed by the University and must display a parking permit while using campus parking spaces. Visitor permits are issued by the NCCU Police Department at a cost of $3.00 per day starting in 2006-2007 school year. The permit temporarily registers the vehicle and allows parking in various areas of the campus.

All faculty and staff that have special guests and visitors, including those on campus for employment interviews are required to purchase visitor passes for their guests or visitors. All departments requesting visitor decals should pre-order and pay for the decals. No decals will be issued if payment is not received by the University Police Department.

Visitors are expected to comply with University parking and traffic regulations and are held responsible for citations issued for incorrect or improper parking.
Parking and Traffic Rules

All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered "no parking" zones. Students, staff, and faculty are not visitors and are in violation of parking regulations when parked in VISITOR parking spaces.
  • Unauthorized vehicles may be towed from handicapped spaces or accesses, fire zones, spaces and parking lots designated as RESERVED.

  • Lack of a convenient space is not a valid excuse for violation of a parking rule.

  • Disabled vehicles must be reported to the NCCU Police Department (919.530.6106). Notes left on vehicles will not be accepted.

  • An activated flasher on an illegally parked vehicle does not exempt the vehicle from receiving a parking citation.

  • The campus-wide speed limit is 15 miles an hour.

  • Campus maps are available from the NCCU Police Department. A copy of the map can be viewed from this link to the Campus Map.

Please contact us with questions at: or 919.530.5023

Aside from Dave:  Rep. Price has been trying to hide from us. Just yesterday (8/11/09) Rep. Price's Raleigh office staff told me that he could not meet with me, that he would not be holding any "town hall" meetings during the August recess except for two "telephone town hall meetings" at the end of the month, and that his schedule for the recess had been filled for months. I hate being lied to!


Why It Matters

Friends, with the poll numbers for his plan falling, President Obama is now saying his proposal is not part of a process to convert the United States to a "single payer" (nationalized government monopoly) health care system, like Canada and the United Kingdom have. But President Obama is not only contradicting economists who are analyzing his proposals, he is also contradicting himself! In 2007 candidate Obama said in a speech, with tape recorders running, that his healthcare reform would utilize "a transition process" to "eliminate employer coverage" over 10-20 years.

What will that mean for you? Politics, rather than science, will guide healthcare expenditures. So all elective abortions will be covered, thanks to the clout of the well-moneyed abortion industry lobby. But the care you need will be in short supply, like in Canada. Canadians wait five months to see a neurosurgeon or nine months for orthopedic surgery. That's the median wait time -- half of them wait longer!

Stossel's 20:20 piece on ABC has lots of examples of what's going wrong with healthcare in Canada:

But at least if Canadians get tired of waiting they can go south, to the USA, and pay cash for the care they need. If the USA nationalizes health care, we won't be able to do that. We'll be stuck, like the British, where the BBC recently reported on their alarming death rates from breast and prostate cancer: "The US had the highest five-year survival rates for breast cancer at 83.9% and prostate cancer at 91.9%... The UK had 69.7% survival for breast cancer... and 51.1% for prostate cancer."

Government-run healthcare and its attendant rationing are killing patients in Canada and the UK. Think it can't happen here? Consider Oregon. Liberal Oregon is the only State in America to have legalized physician-assisted suicide. They also have a State health plan, which cancer patient Barbara Wagner relied on.

Big mistake. The Oregon State Health Plan refused to approve the expensive chemotherapy she needed for cancer treatment. But they told her they would pay for her physician-assisted suicide.

Are you not convinced yet that nationalized health care is dangerous to your health? Then read this compelling article by an MD:

Please, friends, do what you can to stop this thing, before it is too late.

Dave Burton
Cary, NC
H: 919-481-0098