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Dave's Picks - July 17, 2012 Republican Primary Run-off Election (Wake Co.)

Dear friends,

I pray that your conscience will be your guide while voting in the Tuesday, July 17, 2012 primary run-off election.

Wake County Republicans have four run-off races on the July 17 ballot. All four are statewide races. Here is a sample ballot:

  1. NC Lieutenant Governor: both Forest & Gurley are good men. I'm voting for Dan Forest, who is a strong conservative, and who I think has the best chance of winning in November.
  2. NC Commissioner of Insurance: Causey is a good man, but Richard Morgan is a crook! Morgan is the only person I've ever heard of who was expelled from the NC Republican State Executive Committee for misbehavior, and the vote to oust him was almost unanimous. He was Democrat Jim Black's partner ("co-speaker") in the NC House, and in my opinion he should have joined Black in federal prison. Please vote for Mike Causey!
  3. NC Secretary of State: both Gardner & Goodwin are good men. I'm voting for Ed Goodwin, because I think he's more conservative.
  4. NC Superintendent of Public Instruction: I don't know Richard Alexander, he's probably a good man, but John Tedesco is the ideal person for this position! John is a very passionate education reformer, and he'll make a wonderful Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please vote for John Tedesco.



Dave's Picks - May 8, 2012 Republican Primary Election (Wake Co.)

Dear friends,

I pray that your conscience will be your guide while voting in the May 8, 2012 primary election.

I also pray that we can all be polite and charitable, remembering always that "the tongue (or keyboard) is a flame..." [James 3:5]

To view your sample ballot & check your polling place for the primary election, visit:
(Fill in your name, etc., then click on "My Sample Ballot.")

Also, the Wake County GOP has some good election info in their newsletter.  (Note: I corrected a couple of minor errors in this copy.)

Also, UNC-TV has a full list of offices and candidates, with links to the candidates' web sites, here:

Several people have asked me for my recommendations for the May 8, 2012 Primary election. These are my recommendations for the Republican Primary.  (I'm sorry, but I have no recommendations for the Democratic Primary, except that I ask everyone to vote "For" the Constitutional Amendment for a traditional marriage definition.) 

This advice is probably worth at least what you paid for it:


Please feel free to call or email me to discuss any of these (or anything else).

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