Do you keep HTML files under version control?

The last-modified dates and version numbers on these Web pages are updated automatically by TLIB Version Control, through the use of TLIB's highly-flexible keyword feature. TLIB's keyword support lets you specify the format in which the keyword information is inserted, so there's no  $Revision:  garbage displayed along with the inserted version number on your Web page.

TLIB also has the ability to parse local copies of the .html and .shtml files that comprise your web site, and follow the links to build a list of the files in your web site. That means that you can use your main index.html file as a “native project file,” and just open it in TLIB to manage your entire web site!

That makes managing your web site with TLIB much easier. (Plus, TLIB's diagnostics can also help you find bad links on your site.)

What if your version control system can't do that? Fortunately, TLIB supports automated conversion from PVCS, MS Delta, Sorcerer's Apprentice, several variants of RCS, and SourceSafe.

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