Terriís brother, Bobby Schindler, recalls his relationship with Michael Schaivo†


Michael Schiavo and I never established a close relationship, we have always tolerated each other and I found that it was very difficult for anyone to build a close relationship with Michael because is always appeared to me that he walked around with a chip on his shoulder.† My family would often wonder, before Michael and Terri would come for a visit, which Michael was going to show up.


One experience that I had with Michael was at the beginning of his relationship with Terri, around 1984.† I have no recollection what the details of the argument were, but do remember that we got into a very heated disagreement in the family room of our house while we were living in Philadelphia.† Terri and my girlfriend at the time were in the room as well.† I remember distinctly that Michael got so upset that he suddenly snapped, and grabbed me by the throat and threw me down on the couch, had one hand around my neck and the other was in the air ready to punch me in the face.† I couldnít move and I donít know what would have resulted if it werenít for Terri and my girlfriend screaming at him to let me go.


In hindsight this is something that I should have taken very seriously, and paid more attention to, but I remember that Terri asked me to please not tell our parents because it would upset them too much.†