Defense of  Marriage  Democracy

This is a letter that I wrote last September to a friend in the NC General Assembly.

Dear Sen. ______,

I understand that you're having difficulty reaching a decision about the Marriage Amendment bill. I'm writing to encourage you to vote "yes."

This issue is less about homosexuality than about the integrity of the law. In the United States of America, we have, as one of the most fundamental principles of our social compact, that the legitimacy of law and governance is acquired only through "the consent of the governed." Unfortunately, that principle is widely flouted by the Left. They often make laws, not through the consent of the governed or the deliberate action of the governed's elected representatives, but by judicial fiat. That practice violates the American social compact, and undermines the legitimacy of law and government. In some cases, such as Dred Scott and Roe v. Wade, such judicial activism has led to tragedy on a truly massive scale.

The Marriage Amendment is an attempt to shore up our defenses against that assault, by blocking activist judges from contorting state laws and/or the State Constitution to provide a pretext for overturning legitimately enacted law. Don't think of it as Defense of Marriage, think of it as Defense of Democracy.

If you've ever been frustrated when laws passed by the legislature have been twisted and deliberately misinterpreted to create results which were obviously not intended by that body, then I think you must understand why you should vote "yes" for the Marriage Amendment.

Your friend,
Dave Burton
M: 919-244-3316