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Marriage Amendment Education:


Thank you for all the positive feedback on our Marriage Matters information.  Our Church Family and contacts in the NC community  have asked for more information to defend God's Plan for Marriages and Families.

The information distributed by those who oppose God's plan for Marriage have been dispersing confusing and sometime false  cultural arguments. Do not be overwhelmed by yard signs or reactions from the homosexual community. Recent Polling suggests that a quiet 64 percent majority of NC voters support the Marriage Amendment.

However, we encourage you to examine the issues and the evidence for yourself. We have included several links for you to educate yourself on these important issues of our time. Check it yourself...don't even take my word for it!


We want to encourage all  to vote FOR the Constitutional Amendment to defend our Biblical values, as well as clarify the legal definition of Marriage and Familes. Remember that a "NO" or "ABSTAIN" vote is a vote against the Amendment for Marriage.

Voting our values,

Education Pastor Randall Floyd 
Grey Stone of Durham


Hepful Links:

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*Christian Life & Public Affairs:
*Vote for Marriage NC:
*NC Family Policy Council:
*Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission:
*Family Research Council:


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Marriage Amendment Myth
God's Word
Myths about the Marriage Amendment
The issues and arguments presented by those who oppose the Marriage Amendment are most likely based on emotional and personal reactions rather than facts.

Examine the evidence in a logical manner by reading the myths and factual responses to the opposing persons.
Myth: Very few people in North Carolina  actually support the Constitutional Amendment for Marriage.

Response:  The Marriage Protection Amendment has a broad and diverse base of public support among North Carolinians from both political parties and a variety of religious backgrounds.

A Large Majority of the public does support the Marriage Amendment defining it as one man and one woman in the state constitution.

-The coalition behind the Marriage Protection Amendment consists of a wide range of North Carolinians from a variety of religious, political, and racial backgrounds.

* A 2009 survey of 5,009 registered voters in the state-which was commissioned by the North Carolina Family Policy Council-found that 73 percent would be "likely" to vote in favor of a MPA. The poll also found that 71 percent of those polled would be "more likely" to vote for a candidate who supports the MPA.
(NCFCP, "Marriage Amendment Poll Released," Special Report, March 31, 2009,

* According to a January 2012 poll by the John W. Pope Civitas Institute, nearly two-thirds of North Carolinians support protecting marriage in the state constitution. The survey of likely voters found that 62 percent favored "a constitutional amendment that says: 'Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State'," while 30 percent were opposed.
(January 2012 Civitas Poll, as found at:

NEW: This week, Boards of Commissioners in Ashe County, Avery County, Caldwell County, Columbus County, Craven County, Watauga County, and Yancey County passed resolutions endorsing the Marriage Protection Amendment, indicating their strong support for preserving marriage between one man and one woman in the state constitution. (

On May 8th, North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to join thirty other states in preserving marriage with a constitutional amendment. Recent polling shows that support for the Marriage Protection Amendment remains strong at 61 percent.

  •   In short, if you support marriage, you are not alone! 
God's Word says...
If you really carry out the Royal law prescribed in Scripture, you shall love your neighbor as yourself, you are doing well. James 2:8 (HCSB)
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