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Here in North Carolina, some activists who want to re-write our marriage laws through the courts are already making attempts to do so.


In March of 2004, a same-sex couple sued Durham County in District Court in an effort to force the county to grant them a marriage license. Although this suit was dismissed, more are likely to follow.

Several folks have asked for more information to defend God's Plan for Marriages and Families, but have been undermined by the media and confusing cultural arguments.

We encourage you to examine the issues and the evidence for yourself. We have included several links for you to educate yourself on these important issues of our time. Check it yourself!


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Marriage Amendment Myth
God's Word
Myths about the Marriage Amendment
The issues and arguments presented by those who oppose the Marriage Amendment are most likely based on emotional and personal reactions rather than facts.

Examine the evidence in a logical manner by reading the myths and factual responses to the opposing persons.
Myth: "Homosexual Marriage will not hurt me or anyone else"
 Truth: Same-sex "marriage" hurts everyone...especially children.

-The people of North Carolina will lose the right to define marriage as the union of husband and wife.
-Religious groups like Grey Stone, Catholic Charities or the Salvation Army may lose their tax exemptions, or be denied the use of parks and other public facilities, unless they endorse homosexual marriage.
-Small businesses like wedding florists and bed and breakfasts will be denied the right to refuse service to homosexual couples on religious grounds.
- All businesses may lose the right to determine whether to provide benefits to homosexual "spouses."
- Public schools will teach young children that two men being intimate are just the same as a husband and wife, even when it comes to raising kids.
- Homosexual marriage by definition deprives children of either a mother or a father. Social science concludes that children need both a mother and a father for the healthiest outcomes.
- Homosexual marriage threatens social survival by severing procreation from marriage. It undermines public interest in favoring relationships required to perpetuate the race.

- Reliable evidence suggests that children raised by homosexuals do far worse than children raised by heterosexual father - mother pairs.
-Children raised by homosexual parents are at a much greater risk of gender dissatisfaction, gender confusion, suicide, long-term depression, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, sexual promiscuity, out of wedlock pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.
-Research has also proven that children raised by homosexuals are more likely to become criminals, to abuse drugs, to have poor grades, to be expelled, and to struggle with finding and keeping jobs.
Source: Robert Lerner, and Althea Nagia, No Basis: What the Studies Don't tell us about same-sex parenting. Marriage Law Project, Washington DC. One/01.

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God's Word says...
Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men. Colossians 3:23 (HCSB)
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