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The Keeners Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 5:05 PM


With help from Russell Capps, below is information for candidates in every Wake County race.  Those outside of Wake County can also get the information for Judicial races here. Supreme Court & Court of Appeals candidates are on every ballot in the state, so pass their names on to your friends & family in Charlotte, GSO, Selma, Chocowinity, everywhere! Most people don't know which judges/justices to vote for.


I know I need not remind you of the importance of this election.

Pray for our country.


Regards, Judy

Please share the information with all your friends.



Friends,  below is the best voter information we have ever offered. You can pick out your Voter Precinct Number from the information, click on it, and the Sample Ballot for YOUR precinct will pop up with every candidate (or issue) for your Precinct  with Republican candidates name's circled in RED, including those for Judicial races. This is specific to you. If you want to see recommendations on a general ballot, all precincts, as well as voting dates, I have copied it at the very bottom.

There is also one Constitutional question on the ballot.  I recommend a yes for that amendment because it is designed to save millions of dollars by eliminating expensive Jury trials when the accused chooses to waive trial by Jury.
Follow these easy steps to get your voter information:



Step # 1: Scroll down untill you see what appears to be a Ballot.  CLICK ON the Blue web site.  A chart will come up listing every Precinct in Wake County.  Your precinct # IS ON YOUR VOTER CARD OR CLICK HERE & ENTER YOUR NAME & COUNTY. YOUR LISTING WILL HAVE YOUR PRECINCT #


Step # 2:  From the listing find your Precinct #.  Click on it.

Step # 3: Click on the red number to the right of your precinct.

The completed Sample Ballot will be displayed for your Precinct.

Step # 4:  Find the candidates whose names are circled in RED and transfer to your Ballot when you vote (by Absentee, or Early voting, or on Election Day).

Step # 5:  Be sure that you find page 2 (back side) where the Judicial races are listed and are circled in RED.  RED Circles indicate Republican candidates. Be sure to mark your Ballot for these Judicial races as well as for other candidates..

Step # 6:  Re-check all of your Ballot to be sure that it is marked for all candidates that you wish to vote for.  ( Wake voters ... MOST IMPORTANT  ...   please vote for every candiate circled in RED.

Step # 7:   Feel free If you have any questions be sure to email me back and I'll try to help you. Try not to wait 'til Election Day tho; I'm usually out working.





Here is the link for recommendations for your ballot....

  Wake County Ballots 2014 « Wake County Republican Party









Wake County Ballots 2014 « Wake County Republican P...

For your convenience, the Wake GOP has created an easy to use reference sheet to be used when you vote.  We have indicated which of the candidates on your ballot a...

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Here are recommendations for general ballot for Wake


We have all the info regarding the election on the website - Wake County Republican Party






Wake County Republican Party

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