From: Judy Keener

Date: Oct. 10, 2012


First, let me say that if you don't want or need this, please just delete.

Most of you have been on this list for a long time, but to newcomers: I always pick conservatives. I know many of the candidates, & if I don't, I ask the advice of highly respected people in public service.

Please feel free to pass it on. People are usually glad to receive help, esp on the low profile &/or "non-partisan" races.

Note that
Romney /Ryan are at very top, so you vote for them first. A straight party vote won't include them so you MUST vote for them separately.

Below see complete list of my picks.

For more on your info
Then "View My Voter Registration Info"
Put in your name & county & submit.
You will get all your info including party, districts, history & a link to:
"My Sample Ballot" so you can see exactly what your particular ballot will look like.

Judy K.
P.S. You can get others' info by inserting their name & county if you need to know someone's party, districts, etc; it's a matter of public record

President of the United States: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan
US House NC 2: Renee Ellmers(I)
US House NC 4: Tim D’Annunzio
US House NC 13: George Holding

Statewide Races
Governor: Pat McCrory
LT Governor: Dan Forest
NC Labor Commissioner: Cherie Berry(I)
NC Treasurer: Steve Royal
NC Agricultural Commissioner: Steve Troxler (I)
NC Auditor: No endorsement
Supt. Of Public Instruction: John Tedesco
Secretary of State: Ed Goodwin
Commissioner of Insurance: Mike Causey
NC Supreme Court (Newby Seat): Judge Paul Newby (I)
NC Court of Appeals (Thigpen Seat): Chris Dillon
NC Court of Appeals (McGee Seat): David Robinson
NC Court of Appeals (Bryant Seat): Judge Marty McGee
Wake County Races
NC Senate 15: Neal Hunt (I)
NC Senate 17: Tamara Barringer
NC Senate 18: Chad Barefoot
NC House 35: Chris Malone
NC House 36: Nelson Dollar (I)
NC House 37: Paul “Skip” Stam (I)
NC House 40: Marilyn Avila (I)
NC House 41: Tom Murry (I)
NC House 49: James Fulghum
Wake County Commissioner 4: C. Dale Cooke www.voteforCooke.US
Wake County Commissioner 6: Paul Fitts
Register Of Deeds: Laura Riddick (I)
Wake County District Court (Knox Seat): Judge Jennifer Knox (I)
Wake County District Court (Green Seat): Judge Jennifer Green (I)
Wake County District Court (Worley Seat): Charles Gilliam
Wake County District Court (Gray seat) Dan Nagle
Wake County Water & Soil Conservation: Patrick Lawson