Windows 95 System Update

If you are using Microsoft Windows 95 then you may need to update your system files before you can run Freezerware Windows applications. Chances are your system files are already up to date. However, if you encounter problems when running these programs, and especially if you get an error dialog saying it cannot locate the files MFC42.DLL and/or MSVCRT.DLL, then you need to update your system files.

To update your system files, you first need to download the Windows Library Update from Microsoft. Run the patch (rebooting your system if necessary) then try the Freezerware Windows application again. If the program still fails, then you have to manually patch your system. There is a bug in the Microsoft Windows Library Update patch that it will not always update your system files.

To patch your system manually, copy or move the Windows Library Update file (speu.exe) into a temporary directory, C:\TEMP for example. Second, start a Command Prompt and change to that directory by typing "cd c:\temp" Next you need to extract the contents of the patch file by typing "speu /C /T:c:\temp" Lastly, use Explorer to copy the two files MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL to your Windows System directory (should be C:\Windows\System). Your system is now updated and you can run Freezerware Windows applications.

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