“Dave's Picks” conservative voter guide
for Wake County, NC  -  Nov. 8, 2016

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Recommendations from other local conservatives can be found here:
1. Carmen Ledford's "said so" list (esp. Lee County)
2. Brenda Hathcock Brown's picks
3. NC Coalition of Home North Carolina Coalition of Home Educators (NCCHE)
4. Wake County NC Republican Party

Dave's Picks:

(NOTE: there is no straight-ticket voting.)

President of the United States: no endorsement
Vice-President of the United States: Michael R. Pence
(yes, I know you can't vote for just the Vice-President, unfortunately)

US Senate: Richard Burr www.burrforsenate.com (this race is critically important,
and Sen. Burr's opponent is the most dangerous & icy-hearted radical leftist politician in NC)

US House of Representatives: (your ballot will have one of these)
US House of Representatives District 2: George Holding www.georgeholdingforcongress.com
US House of Representatives District 4: Sue Googe www.suegooge.com
US House of Representatives District 6: Mark Walker www.walker4nc.com
US House of Representatives District 8: Richard Hudson
US House of Representatives District 9: Robert Pittenger

Other partisan statewide NC naces: (your ballot will have all of these)
NC Governor: Pat McCrory www.PatMcCrory.com
NC Lieutenant Governor: Dan Forest www.DanForest.com (Dan is wonderful!)
NC Attorney General: Buck Newton www.bucknewton.com
NC Auditor: no endorsement
NC Commissioner of Agriculture: Steve Troxler www.SteveTroxler.com
NC Commissioner of Insurance: Mike Causey www.nc4causey.com
NC Commissioner of Labor: no endorsement
NC Secretary of State: no endorsement
NC Superintendent of Public Instruction: no endorsement
NC Treasurer: Dale Falwell www.dalefolwell.com

Partisan Wake County, NC races: (your ballot will have some of these)
NC Senate 15: John Alexander https://www.facebook.com/alexanderforncsenate/
NC Senate 17: Tamara Barringer http://www.tamarabarringer.com
NC Senate 18: Chad Barefoot http://www.ChadBarefoot.com
NC House 35: Chris Malone http://www.Malonefornchouse.com
NC House 36: Nelson Dollar http://www.NelsonDollar.net
NC House 37: Linda Hunt-Williams http://www.lindahuntwilliams.com/
NC House 40: Marilyn Avila http://www.MarilynAvila.com (if Marilyn loses, the avg IQ of the NC House will drop measurably!)
NC House 41: Chris Shoffner http://www.citizens4shoffner.com/
NC House 49: Gary Pendleton http://www.pendletonfornchouse.com/
Wake County Commissioner 4: Kenneth (Kenn) Gardner http://kenngardner.com/
Wake County Commissioner 6: John Odom http://odomforwake.com/

NC statewide Nonpartisan Superem Court race:
NC Supreme Court Associate Justice: Bob Edmunds http://www.justiceedmunds.com/ (Bob is an excellent, impartial Justice, and my friend. Please vote for him!)

Other NC statewide Court Of Appeals judicial races:
NC Court of Appeals Judge: Phil Berger Jr. http://www.philbergerjr.org/
NC Court of Appeals Judge: Hunter Murphy 
NC Court of Appeals Judge: Bob Hunter 
NC Court of Appeals Judge: Richard Dietz 
NC Court of Appeals Judge: Valary Zachary 

Wake County, NC Nonpartisan (mostly judicial) races:
NC District Court Judge: Bryant Paris III 
NC District Court Judge: Marty E. Miller 
NC District Court Judge: Dan Nagle http://www.DanNagleforjudge.com
(and several others who are unopposed)
Wake County Board of Education District 9: no endorsement
Wake County Water & Soil Conservation: Matthew Hebb 

One-half percent local sales and use tax:
Please vote Against this boondoggle!

Questions? Comments? Call me:  Dave Burton, M: 919-244-3316,