“Dave's Picks” conservative voter guide
for Wake County, NC  -  Oct. 6, 2015:
Raleigh and Cary municipal elections

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Rev.2 (corrected erroneous Cary District B info)

This is a very low-profile election, which will have very low turnout. That means your vote will effectively have five to ten times the weight that it had in last year's election... if you bother to vote. It also means there will be no lines at the polling places, so it will take only a few minutes to vote.

I recommend the Wake County Republican Party's slate of endorsed candidates for the Raleigh City and Cary Town Councils. As you might know, the Raleigh Council is dominated by liberal Democrats, and the Cary Council is currently evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Electing more Republicans would do a lot to bring some balance to Raleigh, and frugal, prudent government to Cary.  -Dave

Cary Town Council:

There are only two contested races with Republicans running. 
District D has four candidates running: three Republicans and one Democrat. 
Ken George is the endorsed Republican in (my District, BTW). Ken is a lifelong Republican, who has been voting here for over twenty years. I plan to vote for him. 
Maria Cervania is the only Democrat running. She's new in town. She registered to vote 12/29/2014, and has never voted here. She is a Community Organizer from the San Francisco area of California. As a newcomer you might think she would have little chance of winning, but since she is the only Democrat in a four-way race, she has a major advantage. Even if she gets less than 50%, she could still win in a run-off election. 
Graham "Grey" Rinehart is a local science-fiction writer. He's a Republican, too, but doesn't seem to be running a serious campaign. 
Nancy Caggia is also a Republican, and a serious candidate. But if Republicans don't consolidate behind just one candidate, in a four-way race the Democrat will probably win. I have nothing against Nancy, but I recommend following the recommendation of the Wake County Republican Party and voting for Ken, to maximize the chance of electing a conservative.
District B pitts my friend, incumbent former-Republican (now unaffiliated) Don Frantz, against my friend, the only Republican running, Frank Lazzaro (a small businessman), and Democrat J. "Gabe" Talton (a Cary lawyer). 
Don is very engaged, and deeply familiar with the issues which challenge Cary. But Frank is a great, common-sense, fiscal conservative! Fortunately, since I'm not in their district, I won't have to pick between them.

Raleigh City Council:

I don't live in Raleigh, but I trust the recommendations of the Wake County Republican Party (or here) in these races: 
Mayor: Dr. Bob Welzin. Sorry, I don't know Dr. Welzin. 
At Large: Craig Ralph. You may vote for TWO candidates, but I recommend that you vote only for Craig, to increase his chances of winning one of the at-large seats. 
District A: Eddie Woodhouse. I know Eddie, and he is a wonderful! He's very smart, and a bedrock conservative. 
District B: John Odom. I also know John, and he's also wonderful! He's currently one of only two Republicans on the eight-person Raleigh City Council. 
District E: Edie Jeffreys. Sorry, I don't know Edie.

You may contact me by telephone at 1-919-481-0149 (W) or 1-919-244-3316 (M), or by email at:  obfuscated email address
-Dave Burton