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> Ex-Mexican prez: 'Amero' on the way
> Vicente Fox confirms long-term deal worked out with President Bush
> By Jerome R. Corsi
> (C) 2007

Dear Mr. Farah,

You've been had.  Jerome Corsi lied.

Vicente Fox said nothing whatsoever to suggest that President
Bush EVER expressed support for "merger" or unifying the
dollar with any other currency, or replacing it with an
"Amero."  Not a word.

Corsi just made it up.

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how Jerome Corsi lied in his
article, but there is a small problem:  His article is a
moving target, because he changes it without indicating
that he has done so.

When confronted with particularly egregious misstatements
in his articles, Corsi does not admit them, as an honest
man would.  In this case, he altered the article, without
changing the date/time-stamp at the top, to try to hide the
fact that the flaws were ever there.

That doesn't surprise me at all: he's a chronic liar, so
deception is his stock in trade.  This is just another
(rather minor) example.  (But note Luke 16:10.)

Fortunately, I captured an early version of his article at
Here's the earliest version I have of it:

It is probably the first version he posted, but I can't
tell that for sure.  It is the earliest version I've seen.

I can't critique a moving target, so the quotes that I
take from the article in the following discussion will be
from that saved early version.  (If you have any doubt that
it is a true copy, and if you don't already have a copy of
the original version, then you may google for some quoted
phrases from it, to find other copies and excerpts from it
on the web.)

Corsi's specialty these days seems to be smearing Christian
conservatives, like President Bush and Gov. Perry, with
vicious lies.  Whether his goal is to sell books, or to
help the Democrats, or to divide the Body of Christ, I
don't know, but he is doing all three.  (John 8:44)
Or maybe he's just a paranoid delusional nutcase.  Whatever
the reasons, he lies incessantly.

Corsi's lies are conspicuous both by their viciousness
toward Christians like President Bush, and also sometimes
by their utter implausibility.  The truth doesn't seem to
matter at all to him.  It appears that he'll say anything.
He pretends to be a conservative, but he resembles and Media Matters more than he resembles any
conservative that I know.

In this story, we have Corsi claiming that Vicente Fox
"confirmed  [to Larry King]  the existence of a government
plan to create the amero as a new regional currency to
replace the U.S. dollar, the Canadian dollar and the
Mexican Peso."

That's an exact quote, from the first sentence of his
article (early version).

Actually, Fox never said anything like that.  Corsi lied,
as usual.

I read the CNN transcript.  You didn't.  You should have.
If you had, you would have realized that Corsi lied.

Aside:  Parts of that rambling Larry King interview of Fox
were in unintelligibly garbled English.  What, for example,
do you make of this?

  FOX: "In San Cristobal, in that summit where we met,
  rival opponent precedents in that we decided that
  migration would be our first priority, to work on that
  issue for a reform."

I wonder what "rival opponent precedents" are?  Fox's
English is weak (though ~10,000% better than my Spanish).
"Precedents" might really be "presidents," which makes
a bit more sense, but Bush and Fox were not "rival
opponent" presidents, either.

But that's beside the main point.  The part of the
interview that Corsi wrote about was clear enough to
see that Fox did NOT say anything remotely resembling
what Corsi claimed he said.

In the first place, the question that Larry King read
to Fox was about a common Latin American currency, NOT
a currency united with the U.S. and Canadian dollars.

Don't you think Corsi knows that the USA isn't in
Latin America?

A common currency for Latin America is inconsistent with
the Bircher/Corsi "Amero" fantasy, which is supposed to
be for Canada, Mexico and the USA, not points south.
The two ideas are incompatible:  Canada isn't part of
Latin America, either.

What's more, in Fox's answer he explicitly said that
what he and Bush agreed to propose was a "trade union"
or "trading agreement" (he used both terms).

That's all.  Fox said NOTHING AT ALL to suggest that
Bush supported currency unification between any countries,
let alone between the USA and any other countries, let
alone that they planned "to create an amero-type currency."

Rather, Fox responded to the question about a common
currency for Latin America by CONTRASTING that idea
with the trade agreement that he and Bush supported.
Any prospect of a unified currency for Latin America
would have to be "long term, very long term," he said.

Larry King asked twice about a possible common currency
for Latin America, the second time describing it as,
"like the euro dollar" (sic).

Fox didn't completely rule it out, but he came close.
He said it would have to be "long, long term" following
first a trade agreement and then creation of "a new vision"
in the region before a common Latin American currency
could happen.  (The "new vision" remark was apparently
a reference to the need for far greater unity of outlook
between the Latin American countries than is possible
with scoundrels like Hugo Chavez around.)

There is nothing at all in the transcript to suggest
that Bush EVER expressed support for unifying the dollar
with any other currency.  Not a word.

Corsi just made that up.

Here's the transcript, not sliced and diced into pieces
to change the meaning, as Corsi did, but with the entire
section intact:

  KING: E-mail from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the
  possibility of having a Latin America united with one

  FOX: Long term, very long term.  What we propose together,
  President Bush and myself, it's ALCA, which is a trade
  union for all of the Americas.  And everything was running
  fluently until Hugo Chavez came.  He decided to isolate
  himself.  He decided to combat the idea and destroy the

  KING: It's going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?

  FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the
  processes to go, first step into is trading agreement.
  And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to
  do with NAFTA.

  KING: How is NAFTA doing?

  FOX: Excellent. Mexico's seventh largest trading economy in
  the world.  Mexico trades more products and services than
  all of Latin America together, including Brazil, Argentina
  and all of them.  And Mexico buys -- and this people don't
  know -- Mexico buys from the United States more products and
  services than what Italy, France, Germany and Britain do
  together.  So we account for hundreds of thousands of jobs
  in this economy in the U.S.

  KING: An honor seeing you again. We'll make the next visit
  not so long.

  FOX: Thank you very much...

As you can see, Fox did not say anything resembling
what Corsi claims he said.  There's not even a hint that
Bush ever supported unifying the American dollar with any
other currencies, or replacing it with any other currency.

Corsi just lied, as usual, a great big whopper.

But he told many "little lies" along the way, to support
his Big Lie.  Here are some examples:

1)  Corsi wrote that when Fox was asked how he would feel
about the possibility of a unified Latin American currency,
"Fox answered in the affirmative..."

But he didn't.

In the first place, it wasn't a yes/no question, so it
couldn't have an "affirmative" answer.

But if we assume that what Corsi meant by "affirmative"
was an expression of approval for the idea, then that is
also untrue.  The first time King asked Fox the question
about a unified Latin American currency, Fox changed
the subject and talked about trade agreements, instead.
When King tried again, Fox waxed philosophical about what
would have to happen for such a thing to be possible,
and noted that it could not happen for a long, long time,
while still never actually answering King's question about
what he (Fox) thought of the idea.

2)  Corsi wrote that Larry King was "evidently startled by
Fox's revelation of the currency, asked pointedly, 'It's
going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?'"

But that's nonsense.  Fox had made no revelation, and King
wasn't startled.  Rather, King had ASKED Fox what he
thought of the idea of a unified Latin American currency,
but Fox changed the subject and did NOT answer, so King
restated his question.

3) Corsi wrote, "Fox answered... admitting he and President
Bush had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the

"Admitted?"  Corsi makes it sound like it was the revelation
of a shameful secret.  What ridiculous nonsense.  They both
very publicly supported it.

4) Corsi wrote, "Fox answered... admitting he and President
Bush had agreed... and that part of the plan was to institute
a regional currency from Canada to the tip of South America."

But Fox said nothing at all like that.  Corsi just made it
up out of whole cloth.  It is a total fabrication.

I could go on.  Corsi's article is riddled with lies,
but I have a busy day ahead.  How many clear lies do
you need to see to be convinced that Corsi is dishonest?
(It SHOULD take just ONE to convince you.)

Mr. Farah, the Corsi article is a dishonest smear.  Fox said
nothing whatsoever to suggest that President Bush EVER
expressed support for "merger" or for unifying the dollar
with any other currency.

Jerome Corsi is a serial liar.  He discredits your news
service.  Please fire him!

Additionally, you have an ethical obligation to post an
apology and retraction on your web site, and send out
an apology and retraction to everyone who was sent copies
Corsi's smear by email.

Please do it quickly.


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