Rejection Papers

* Implicitly reject AGW
** Explicitly reject AGW

  1. Comparisons Of Observed Northern-hemisphere Surface Air-temperature Records
    Elsner, Jb; Tsonis, Aa (1991)*
  2. Global Climate Change
    Hammerle, Rh; Shiller, Jw; Schwarz, Mj (1991)**
  3. Global Warming - What Does The Science Tell Us
    Jastrow, R; Nierenberg, W; Seitz, F (1991)**
  4. Global Warming As A Manifestation Of A Random-walk
    Gordon, Ah (1991)*
  5. Global Warming - A Reduced Threat
    Michaels, Pj; Stooksbury, De (1992)*
  6. Simulating Past And Forecasting Future Climates
    Bryson, Ra (1993)**
  7. Evidence On The Climate Impact Of Solar Variations
    Baliunas, S; Jastrow, R (1993)**
  8. Absence Of Scientific Basis
    Lindzen, R (1993)**
  9. The Global Temperature Data
    Balling, Rc (1993)**
  10. Benign Greenhouse
    Michaels, Pj (1993)*
  11. Maximum And Minimum Temperatures At Armagh-observatory, 1844-1992, And The Length Of The Sunspot Cycle
    Butler, Cj (1994)*
  12. Extreme Minimum Winter Temperatures In Ohio
    Edgell, Dj (1994)*
  13. On The Scientific Basis For Global Warming Scenarios
    Lindzen, Rs (1994)*
  14. Glaciers And Global Warming
    Koerner, Rm; Lundgaard, L (1995)*
  15. Dynamic Contribution To Hemispheric Mean Temperature Trends
    Wallace, Jm; Zhang, Y; Renwick, Ja (1995)*
  16. Precision Global Temperatures From Satellites And Urban Warming Effects Of Non-satellite Data
    Christy, Jr; Goodridge, Jd (1995)*
  17. Time-delayed Response Of The Solar Total Irradiance Variation To Long-term Solar Magnetic Cycle Amplitude Modulation As Inferred By Sunspot Relative Number And Isotope Data Of Be-10 In The Greenland Ice Core And Land Air Temperature Variation Of The Earth
    Yoshimura, H (1996)**
  18. Can Increasing Carbon Dioxide Cause Climate Change?
    Lindzen, Rs (1997)**
  19. A Winning Coalition Of Advocacy: Climate Research, Bureaucracy And 'alternative' Fuels - Who Is Driving Climate Change Policy?
    Boehmerchristiansen, S (1997)*
  20. Global Warming: Science Or Politics, Part 1 - Which Observations Are Correct?
    Dorweiler, Vp (1998)*
  21. Geomagnetic Forcing Of Changes In Climate And In The Atmospheric Circulation
    Bucha, V; Bucha, V (1998)*
  22. Role Of Time-delay Concept In Understanding Mechanism Of Total Solar Irradiance Variation And Its Effect On The Climate Of The Earth
    Yoshimura, H (1998)*
  23. Geosciences And Climate
    Berner, U; Stahl, W (1999)**
  24. The Influence Of Cosmic Terrestrial Clouds And Global Warming
    Bago, Ep; Butler, J (2000)*
  25. Global Warming And Its Astro-causes
    Ren, Zq; Lin, Y (2001)*
  26. Sources Of Global Warming In Upper Ocean Temperature During El Nino
    White, Wb; Cayan, Dr; Dettinger, Md; Auad, G (2001)**
  27. A Multifractal Point Of View On Climatological Evolution
    Hubert, P; Schertzer, D; Tchiguirinskaia, I; Bendjoudi, H; Lovejoy, S; Hallegatte, S; Larcheveque, M (2002)**
  28. The Effect Of Solar Activity On Carbon Dioxide Concentration In The Lower Atmosphere
    Mironova, Ia (2002)*
  29. Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability And Global Warming
    Bratcher, Aj; Giese, Bs (2002)*
  30. Dynamics Of Global Climatic Changes And Possibility Of Their Prediction Using Chemical Data From Greenland Ice
    Kotov, Sr (2003)*
  31. Global Warming: Are We Confusing Cause And Effect?
    Khilyuk, Lf; Chilingar, Gv (2003)**
  32. Thermal Pollution Causes Global Warming
    Nordell, B (2003)*
  33. Will We Face Global Warming In The Nearest Future?
    Bashkirtsev, Vs; Mashnich, Gp (2003)**
  34. Climate Change: Detection And Attribution Of Trends From Long-term Geologic Data
    Loehle, C (2004)*
  35. Milankovitch Climate Reinforcements
    Kukla, G; Gavin, J (2004)*
  36. Pattern And Trend Analysis Of Temperature In A Set Of Seasonal Ensemble Simulations
    Zhao, M; Dirmeyer, Pa (2004)*
  37. Gtobal Warming: A Cool View
    Fitzgerald, F (2004)*
  38. A Test Of Corrections For Extraneous Signals In Gridded Surface Temperature Data
    Mckitrick, R; Michaels, Pj (2004)*
  39. Climate Change: Conflict Of Observational Science, Theory, And Politics
    Gerhard, Lc (2004)*
  40. The Possible Connection Between Ionization In The Atmosphere By Cosmic Rays And Low Level Clouds
    Palle, E; Butler, Cj; O'brien, K (2004)*
  41. Discrepancy Of Global Climate Change Over Continents And Oceans
    Byshev, Vi; Neiman, Vg; Romanov, Ya (2005)*
  42. Expected Halt In The Current Global Warming Trend?
    Njau, Ec (2005)*
  43. Solar Modulation Of Galactic Cosmic Rays In The Three-dimensional Heliosphere According To Meteorite Data
    Alexeev, Va; Ustinova, Gk (2006)*
  44. On The Essential Differences Between The Large-scale Variations Of The Surface Temperature Over The Oceans And Continents
    Byshev, Vi; Neiman, Vg; Romanov, Ya (2006)*
  45. Phenomenological Solar Signature In 400 Years Of Reconstructed Northern Hemisphere Temperature Record
    Scafetta, N; West, Bj (2006)*
  46. On Global Forces Of Nature Driving The Earth's Climate. Are Humans Involved?
    Khilyuk, Lf; Chilingar, Gv (2006)**
  47. The 60-year Solar Modulation Of Global Air Temperature: The Earth's Rotation And Atmospheric Circulation Connection
    Mazzarella, A (2007)*
  48. Multi-scale Analysis Of Global Temperature Changes And Trend Of A Drop In Temperature In The Next 20 Years
    Zhen-shan, L; Xian, S (2007)*
  49. Cloud And Radiation Budget Changes Associated With Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations
    Spencer, Rw; Braswell, Wd; Christy, Jr; Hnilo, J (2007)*
  50. Surface Warming By The Solar Cycle As Revealed By The Composite Mean Difference Projection
    Camp, Cd; Tung, Kk (2007)*
  51. Phenomenological Reconstructions Of The Solar Signature In The Northern Hemisphere Surface Temperature Records Since 1600
    Scafetta, N; West, Bj (2007)*
  52. Does A Global Temperature Exist?
    Essex, C; Mckitrick, R; Andresen, B (2007)*
  53. Evolution Of The Earth's Global Climate
    Sorokhtin, Og; Chilingar, Gv; Khilyuk, L; Gorfunkel, Mv (2007)*
  54. Climate Stability: An Inconvenient Proof
    Bellamy, D; Barrett, J (2007)*
  55. Resonance And Sea Level Variability In Chesapeake Bay
    Zhong, Lj; Li, M; Foreman, Mgg (2008)*
  56. The Influence Of Climatic And Ice Regime Variability On Navigation
    Matishov, Gg (2008)*
  57. Cooling Of Atmosphere Due To Co2 Emission
    Chilingar, Gv; Khilyuk, Lf; Sorokhtin, Og (2008)**
  58. Implications Of Fossil Fuel Constraints On Economic Growth And Global Warming
    Nel, Wp; Cooper, Cj (2009)*
  59. The Possible Role Of Dynamic Pressure From The Interplanetary Magnetic Field On Global Warming
    Persinger, Ma (2009)*
  60. Greenhouse Gases And Greenhouse Effect
    Chilingar, Gv; Sorokhtin, Og; Khilyuk, L; Gorfunkel, Mv (2009)**
  61. Long-term Solar Activity As A Controlling Factor For Global Warming In The 20th Century
    Dergachev, Va; Raspopov, Om (2009)*
  62. Potential Dependence Of Global Warming On The Residence Time (rt) In The Atmosphere Of Anthropogenically Sourced Carbon Dioxide
    Essenhigh, Rh (2009)**
  63. Empirical Evidence For A Celestial Origin Of The Climate Oscillations And Its Implications
    Scafetta, N (2010)**
  64. The Fallacies Of Concurrent Climate Policy Efforts
    Radetzki, M (2010)**
  65. The Role Of Cosmic Rays In The Earth's Atmospheric Processes
    Siingh, D; Singh, Rp (2010)*
  66. Data Analysis Of Recent Warming Pattern In The Arctic
    Ohashi, M; Tanaka, Hl (2010)*
  67. Periodic Oscillations In Millennial Global-mean Temperature And Their Causes
    Qian, Wh; Lu, B (2010)*
  68. Reconstruction Of The Earth's Surface Temperature Based On Data Of Deep Boreholes, Global Warming In The Last Millennium, And Long-term Solar Cyclicity. Part 2. Experimental Data Analysis
    Dergachev, Va; Raspopov, Om (2010)**
  69. On Some Achievements And Major Problems In Mathematical Modeling Of Climatic Characteristics Of The Ocean (critical Analysis)
    Sarkisyan, As (2010)**
  70. Why Is Global Warming Slowing Down?
    Klimenko, Vv (2011)*
  71. Global Warming During The Roman Era?
    Caputo, M; Mulargia, F (2011)*
  72. Predictions Based On The Cumulative Curves: Basic Principles And Nontrivial Example
    Nigmatullin, Rr; Popov, Ii; Baleanu, D (2011)*
  73. Contribution Of Changing Galactic Cosmic Ray Flux To Global Warming
    Rao, Ur (2011)*
  74. How Natural Is The Recent Centennial Warming? An Analysis Of 2249 Surface Temperature Records
    Ludecke, Hj; Link, R; Ewert, Fk (2011)*
  75. Is Global Warming Mainly Due To Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
    Zhao, Xb (2011)**
  76. Is The Recessional Pattern Of Himalayan Glaciers Suggestive Of Anthropogenically Induced Global Warming?
    Bali, R; Agarwal, Kk; Ali, Sn; Srivastava, P (2011)**
  77. Second Thoughts On Global Warming
    Andrew, Am (2011)**
  78. Random Walk Lengths Of About 30 Years In Global Climate
    Bye, J; Fraedrich, K; Kirk, E; Schubert, S; Zhu, Xh (2011)*