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Date: Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 2:07 PM
Subject: Re: 50yo Fuller hairbrush finally failed - warranty?
To: David Burton <...>

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Fuller Brush Company.  We have a lifetime warranty on our wooden handled boar bristle 
brushes.  It looks like you have a plastic brush, which would only have a one year warranty.  You can purchase a new brush at  Thanks.       

David Burton <...>

07/12/2009 02:00 AM

50yo Fuller hairbrush finally failed - warranty?

Dear Fuller Brush customer support,

The Fuller men's hairbrush which I've had since I was a child has finally failed.  It still has about 3/4 of its bristles, but a couple of days ago the handle simply broke in half while I was brushing my hair with it.  

Really, this hairbrush performed very well.  It is probably about 50 years old (more than 40 years, anyhow).  I've probably brushed my hair with it between 10,000 and 20,000 times.  So perhaps I should be satisfied.

However, my recollection is that it had a lifetime warranty -- and I have finally outlived it.  (Surprisingly, I still have enough hair left to have use for it!)

Is it possible to get a warranty replacement for this brush?  If so, where shall I send it?

My preference would be for another one just like it.  However, I don't see one just like it on your web site.  (Imagine that -- your product line has changed in 50 years!)

In shape, it is similar to the "Beech Club," 6" long by 1-7/8" wide, and the handle was angled up slightly from the brush head.  But it is made of dark brown opaque plastic (with a sort of fake wood grain) instead of wood, and the bristles are black plastic.  (I took a couple of photos with my camera-phone, and attached them to this email.)

What is the procedure to obtain a warranty replacement for a 40-50 year old hairbrush?

Sincerely yours,

Dave Burton
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