Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 01:47:08 -0500 (EST) [revised 2006 & 2010]
Subject: "Crunchy Apples" recipe


Here's your recipe:

Note: none of the quantities need to be exact for this recipe.
You can make it without any measuring at all.  The only way to
ruin it is to burn it.

I think Pippin and/or Granny Smith apples are best for apple pie
and Crunchy Apples.  But fresh, locally grown Fuji, Rome*, Pink
Lady, Ginger Gold, Stayman, or Arkansas Black, might also be
very good.  If you use a less-tart variety of apple, like Fuji
or Ginger Gold, you might want to add 1-2 T of lemon juice, or
else use half Granny Smith and half of the less tart variety.
Don't use Red Delicious.

Many web pages have advice on choosing apples, e.g.: [1], [2], [3], [4].


P.S. - Other recipies here:

* Not Rome apples -- I tried them, and was disappointed.  But a
seller at the NC Farmer's Market gave me a delicious sample of
an apple she called "Trembling Twig," which she said was very
good for pies; it tasted a lot like a Pink Lady.