2014 Carmen's Picks!

From: Carmen Ledford
Date: Thursday, Oct 23, 2014

"Because Carmen Said So" List for Lee County, NC
(named several years ago when a husband asked why am I
supposed to vote for these people - "because Carmen Said So")

This is not ALL the races but the ones that I can strongly support. Message me for more races or questions. You all know where I stand so if you stand with me then vote for these people if you don't the the election is Nov 5th.

US Senate Thom Tillis- I think you knew that one unless you have been asleep.

US Rep Renee Ellmers- Is anyone really considering the entertainer?

NC Senate Ronald Rabin A great patriot!!

NC House- Mike Stone- a great friend and great Legislator. Thank God he is not what those people are saying..

Lee County Commissioner - Andre' Knecht -If you are in his district then I encourage you to vote for him.

Lee Co. Board of Education - Sandra Bowen is the bomb!! I also support Helms and Schau.

Chief Justice Supreme Court - Mark Martin will make a great Chief Justice

Associate Justice Supreme Court Bob Hunter for Justice, Eric Levinson for Supreme Court and VOTE Mike Robinson for NC Supreme Court

Court of Appeals (the one with 19 running) you don't have to look far because he is FIRST on the ballot (and first for NC). My family would love for you to not only vote for him but tell 10 friends: Judge Marion Warren for N.C. Court of Appeals

Also for Court of Appeals don't forget Judge Bill Southern for NC Court of Appeals and Judge Paul Holcombe

For District Court LeVonda G. Wood is a good friend and we would appreciate your vote.

Constitutional Amendment- after talking to a cross section I am voting NO

CCCC Bonds- I know I will catch heat for this with but I am voting NO! Why?
1- Everything is going toward online learning - why are we investing all this BUILDINGS.....
2- They say it is only 3 cents but it will probably end up being more like 7 cent increase for a county that already has one of the higher tax rates in the state.
3- Strange coming from a homeschool mom but we need more public schools built and they should be built. They will be coming for that next year and that will be more taxes on top of that.
4- Lee County needs jobs and to get jobs we need businesses and to get businesses we need lower taxes