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Dave's picks for the Oct. 9, 2007 election in Wake County, NC

I am a fiscal and social conservative, so my recommendations
are mostly (but not entirely) Republicans.

Polls are open 6:30am to 7:30pm at the regular precinct locations.

Any questions?  Call me (Dave) at 919-244-3316 (my cell phone),
or at 919-481-0098 (my home).

These are my recommendations:

Wake Board of Education  District 3  Alfreda Wilson
Wake Board of Education  District 6  Sean O'Brien
Wake Board of Education  District 8  Ron Margiotta (uncontested)

City of Raleigh  District A  Tommy Craven
City of Raleigh  District B  Angel Menendez
City of Raleigh  District D  Philip Isley
City of Raleigh  At-Large  David Williams (vote for one)

Town of Cary  Mayor  Ernie McAlister
Town of Cary  At-Large Tommy Byrd
Town of Cary  District B  Don Frantz
Town of Cary  District D  John Rigsbee

NOTE:  Cary is using "Instant Runoff Voting" for the
first time in this election.  For more information on
Instant Runoff Voting, see:

With "instant runoff voting" you have the opportunity
to designate a "second choice" for races which have
more than two candidates.  Your designation of a second
choice will have NO EFFECT on the chances of your first
choice candidate, so there is no reason not to designate
a second choice, unless you truly have no preference
among the remaining candidates.

I have no recommendation for "second choice" for the
Town of Cary races, but District B is interesting.
In that race, neither Nels Roseland nor Vickie Maxwell
is a conservative.  But, surprisingly, Nels Roseland
(a Democrat) is more fiscally conservative than Vickie
Maxwell (a Republican).  However, I don't know which of
them is more socially conservative.

Voters are also being asked to vote on three Wake County
Bond proposals:

$50 million in borrowing for "open spaces" improvements,
$92 million in borrowing for community college improvements, and
$45 million in borrowing for library improvements.

When deciding how to vote on the bond questions, it might
be helpful to know the amount of borrowing which each of
them represents, per person, or per family of four.
Since Wake County has a population of 820,000 people,
this is easy to calculate:

Open Spaces Bonds:
  $50,000,000 =  $60.97/person = $243.90/family of 4

Community College Bonds:
  $92,000,000 = $112.20/person = $448.78/family of 4

Library Facilities Bonds:
  $45,000,000 =  $54.88/person = $219.51/family of 4

Total, all bonds:
 $187,000,000 = $228.05/person = $912.20/family of 4

For a complete sample ballot, visit the Wake County Board
of Elections site at:

To learn what precinct you are in, search for yourself at:
This will tell you your precinct number and districts.

For a complete list of precinct voting locations see:


  I am grateful to:  Katy Benningfield, Zan Bunn, Judy Keener,
  and Michael Joyce for helping to educate me about these races.

Sources for Additional Information:

  Judy Keener's Picks:

  Wake Co. Board of Elections:

  Wake Co. Republican Party:

  Wake Co. Democrat Party:

  Katy's Conservative Corner:


  Wake County Taxpayers' Association:

Dave Burton
Cary, NC
H: 919-481-0098
W: 919-481-2183
M: 919-244-3316