Judy's Election Recommendations


Sorry to be so late w/this this year, but have had computer/phone problems, while still trying to work on Rep. Russell Capps' campaign. A number of you have asked, so here it is. Please forward to anyone who might not know who to vote for on Nov. 7. Again, these are all conservatives, most are Christians. These are the candidates for values voters. See my short-cut at the end. VOTE NOV. 7 !!!!!!!!!

US Congress:

District 2:  Dan Mansell

District 4:  Steve Acuff

District 13 Vernon Robinson


NC Senate:

Dist. 14  Richard Doeffinger

Dist. 15  Neal Hunt

Dist. 17  Richard Stevens


NC House:

Dist. 34  J.H. Ross

Dist. 36  Nelson Dollar

Dist. 37  Paul Stam

Dist. 39  John Blackwell

Dist. 40  Marilyn Avila

Dist. 41  Russell Capps



Wake Co. Commissioners (Vote in all districts):

Comm. Dist. 1  Joe Bryan

Comm Dist.  2  Phil Jeffreys

Comm. Dist. 3  Tony Gurley

Comm. Dist.  7  Paul Coble


Sheriff:  Donnie Harrison

Clerk Superior Court:  Janet Pueschel


NC Judges:

Supreme Court, chief justice:  Randy Duke

Supreme Court,  assoc. justices:  Ann Marie Calabria;  Mark Martin;  Eric Levinson

Court of Appeals:  Kris Bailey;  Donna Stroud

Superior Court (Dist. 10 C )  Dan Garner


Wake Dist. Court:  Paul Rozier


Soil & Water Conservation:  Joe Teague


My short-cut:

Vote Straight Republican (covers Congress, NC Senate, NC House, Co. Comms., Sheriff, Clerk of Court)

Vote for the judges: Duke, Calabria, Martin, Levinson, Bailey, Stroud, Garner, Rozier

Vote Soil & water: Teague